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  1. Mythic Proportions
  2. Gaea’s Herald
  3. Essence Warden
  4. Alpha Status
  5. Slate of Ancestry
  6. Rancor
  7. Asceticism
  8. Wellwisher
  9. Enlarge
  10. Coat of Arms
  11. Insist
  12. Biorhythm
  13. Alpha Status
  14. Verdant Embrace
  15. Joraga Warcaller
  16. Blanchwood Armor
  17. Rancor
  18. Beastmaster Ascension
  19. Enlarge
  20. Genesis Wave
  21. Seedborn Muse
  22. Primitive Etchings
  23. Weatherseed Treefolk
  24. Talara’s Battalion
  25. Gaea’s Herald
  26. Sylvan Messenger
  27. Copperhorn Scout
  28. Primitive Etchings
  29. Verdant Embrace
  30. Groundbreaker


  1. Imperious Perfect
  2. Wellwisher
  3. Fauna Shaman
  4. Timberwatch Elf
  5. Ambush Commander
  6. Ezuri, Renegade Leader
  7. Coat of Arms
  8. Lead the Stampede
  9. Slate of Ancestry
  10. Joraga Warcaller
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      • Most of the elf Decks I have played semi recently run Glimpse of Nature and combo off with either natural order or grapeshot I ran elves briefly back when ROE was in standard with the Eldrazi monument + Nissa Revane. Typically they are mostly elves but not 100%.

  1. I look forward to using the Immaculate Magistrate/Joraga Warcaller combo. It’s looking like this deck’ll give AG a run for its money.

      • But DotP has had the ability to make lands into creatures that still tap for mana. I don’t see why this couldn’t be implemented even without a mana pool. It would prevent you from manually activating the mana dork but you could still use it to cast spells

  2. Did you guys find the iPad version’s “Sylvan Might” expansion lacks a “Spire Tracer” card, which should be two, but i just have one of it. Is it a bug or it just me lack the card?

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