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  1. Reiver Demon
  2. Promise of Power
  3. Grave Pact
  4. Screams from Within
  5. Lord of the Pit
  6. Hideous End
  7. Mortician Beetle
  8. Exhume
  9. Halo Hunter
  10. Pestilence Demon
  11. Triumph of Cruelty
  12. Harvester of Souls
  13. Innocent Blood
  14. Reaper from the Abyss
  15. Hideous End
  16. Halo Hunter
  17. Heartless Summoning
  18. Hellcarver Demon
  19. Demon of Death’s Gate
  20. Shadowborn Demon
  21. No Mercy
  22. Screams from Within
  23. Heartless Summoning
  24. Diabolic Servitude
  25. Diabolic Edict
  26. Grave Pact
  27. Infernal Tutor
  28. Triumph of Cruelty
  29. Screams from Within
  30. Damnation


  1. Damnation
  2. Mutilate
  3. Reiver Demon
  4. Promise of Power
  5. Rune-Scarred Demon
  6. Pestilence Demon
  7. Bloodgift Demon
  8. Corrupt
  9. Halo Hunter
  10. Heartless Summoning
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    • Hmm, now that I look again, I must say I’m slightly disappointed at the lack of Desecration Demons and Abyssal Persecutors. Oh well. Still gonna be playing it.

  1. Halo Hunter’s! Fking called it! lol Looks like this deck just says a great big EFF YEW to creatures. I like the idea but I wonder if it will be enough to steal away wins, probably a perfect 2HG partner of a certain deck *ahem*.

  2. “Contains Toraka’s favourite word in magic? Check. Contains a ton of removal to piss of Toraka? Check.”

    What IS my favorite word? Sacrifice? Destroy? Flying? Deathtouch? Yet-another-fucking-removal-spam-deck?
    I know that killing stuff is sort of Black’s thing, but I still think that you don’t need 21 removal cards. See how well that worked out in Zombies. Especially when some of it is the clearly despised yet still constantly reprinted Doom Blade. No, instant speed kill anything (in DotP14, nonblack might as well not exist when you are the only black deck) should NOT cost two mana. Murder is fine, why isn’t every sort of removal based around THAT?

    Looks to be a slower, but more inevitable Zombies. Let’s face it, how many decks in the game are known for their good, early fliers and preventing life loss, while the opponent literally has more removal than they have creatures?
    Also love the random Halo Hunters that seem to get tossed in everywhere, since that will definitely hose all the shrouded, indestructible, Pro:Demon angels out there.

    • This is just a guess but I think most of the DLC testing they do is against the other DLC decks. Halo Hunter kills a decent number of the bombs in the bant deck although that deck looks like it’s garbage anyway so why bother

  3. Halo Hunter is useless because it’s too fragile, remember that Heartless Summoning gives your creatures -1/-1

    • Counterargument:
      1. You won’t necessarily have the Summoning out
      2. It has Intimidate, which makes it unblockable against anything but the Demons deck itself and Zombies… neither of which had any difficulty killing him if they really wanted to in the first place.
      3. Burn decks won’t really care if something has 3 toughness or 2 since every burn has to be based off of the almighty Lightning Bolt.
      4. Its ability is ETB, meaning that you get card advantage simply by merit of its existence.

      Not to disagree with you though, it really is useless thanks to its ability hitting fuck-all in the metagame of DotP14. Thus, you’ll be paying 2BBB (or BBB) for a 6/3 Intimidate… wait, since when is that a bad deal?

      • You forgot 2 decks that also have black creatures, Dimir and Dragons (It only has 5 and they all have cmc 6 or greater plus the deck sucks so I guess it may not even be worth mentioning).

        Other than that solid points I’m considering running them since my initial deck build I found to be to reliant on heartless summoning. And hands that had heartless summoning but no big demons weren’t ideal but weren’t terrible On the other hand, hands that had big creatures with no heartless summoning were downright terrible.

        I’m trying to make it more of a mid-range demon control pile so I can get away from Heartless summoning which I find to make the deck to swingy for my play style. If I can remove them entirely I will.

      • You forgot that Dragons and Dimir never win a game, ever. Especially not against this kind of deck, where I admit the 3 toughness is sort of relevant, but it’s still a must remove for five mana at most.

  4. This deck is SOOO damn OP, Tier-SS much. Kill spell, kill spell, kill spell, board wipe, board wipe, board wipe, big giant Demons with fking removal!

    3 x Bloodgift Demons for extra card draw, 2 x Promise of Power to draw 5 cards, 1 x Harvester of Souls, Runescarred and Internal Tutor for some tutoring… It’s insane.

    To top all that off 3 x Heartless Summoning to make all your creatures cost 2 less… Turn 3 fricken Bloodgifts, you won’t need to care about the -1/-1 when you’re killing literally anything, heck you could even use the Festering Goblins as -1/-1 pingers (though I don’t use them). I would say take AT LEAST 2 of these if you don’t use all 3.

    • I like the one that’s an undercosted fatty by itself and doubles your kill spells, even when you cast one of your 7 Doom Blades on the opponent’s turn.

      Couldn’t it have said “A creature YOU CONTROL died this turn”? Sure it would’ve broken the Morbid templating, but it also wouldn’t turn every removal spell and chump into a free Murder.

      • Hehe yeah, he’s cool. To be an even bigger dick play him on your second main phase after killing something then end straight away before anyone can remove him.

  5. I played this all day and it awsome against all decks but two.
    Namely “Dodge and burn” and itself.

    Heck even against the zombie it alright, but back to the boring part.

    It not only bad against Dodge and burn, it virtualy drop dead.
    They just don’t play any of there creatures and 33-50% of your deck is either useless or make you lose even faster.

    And the mirror is just painfully slow, it easily stalemate until the last 15 cards.

    • Vs Dodge and Burn Diabolic Servitude gears towards victory most of the time and eventually runs out of steam if you get enough demons, specially if you get your card draw going. Can always Tendril your own creature or Corrupt for that extra life gain which gives Lord of Darkness a massive edge against Dodge and Burn. If not for any life gain I’d call it really close, too many spells in Dodge and Burn hurt itself.

  6. My initial impression is that the monowhite deck is essentially unplayable, and inhabits a new subterranean tier beneath Enter the Dracomancer, whereas the U/B is fun and effective.

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