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  1. Invoke the Firemind
  2. Wee Dragonauts
  3. Mnemonic Wall
  4. Breaking Point
  5. Overwhelming Intellect
  6. Pongify
  7. Earthquake
  8. Draining Whelk
  9. Browbeat
  10. Djinn Illuminatus
  11. Swerve
  12. Mnemonic Wall
  13. Cerebral Vortex
  14. Breaking Point
  15. Browbeat
  16. Volcanic Fallout
  17. Pongify
  18. Wee Dragonauts
  19. Char
  20. Spelltwine
  21. Peek
  22. Volcanic Fallout
  23. Memory Lapse
  24. Pillage
  25. Volcanic Geyser
  26. Gather Specimens
  27. Starstorm
  28. Memory Lapse
  29. Peek
  30. Reins of Power


  1. Earthquake
  2. Invoke the Firemind
  3. Starstorm
  4. Breaking Point
  5. Draining Whelk
  6. Fireblast
  7. Pongify
  8. Future Sight
  9. Spirit Away
  10. Stolen Goods
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  1. It looks like it will be a rough build but with Pongify, it might make it be well enough balanced to manage against the other decks

  2. It’s the savior Firewave aspired to be, the dominator whose power corrupted Mind Maze. In dark times as ours, is it just to release such power upon the world? Praying that it proves benevolent once its nemeses are extinguished?

    Ironically, it will fare best against those in power, whilst sparing the lesser ones. As if The Vanished had sent it for our struggle.

    Discussions about the obvious are boring. Poetry is fun.

  3. I wish it had more than two Electrolyzes, as that would make it really easy to pick off all those pesky illusions, but oh well. 4 Kiln Fiends.

  4. This looks like too much fun not to play. And I believe it will balance the metagame enough to make it interesting Toraka. When this deck stomps AG and company (theoretically), it will allow Eldrazi, Dimir, and god forbid Dracomancer to get more play. HS and Firewave will still get stomped. GOL is a ? for me. I will definitely champion this or the new mono black. Playing Firewave is frustrating but it can be hilarious. Still, I’ve been looking for an upgrade.

    • I don’t think this will stop AG. The deck has very few answers to an aggressive start with turn 1 champion and is going to be completely shut down by baneslayer where its only card/mana effective out is Cancel and I guess maybe Banefire.

      A lot of the cards although are very good don’t fit as perfectly as I would like into any possible build of the deck. Like Remand and Memory Lapse which would both be unbelievable in MM are just kind of underwhelming in D&B due to the slow clock it’s going to present under pressure.

      What it will due if it becomes popular is encourage the big 3 to swap out some amount of removal for additional threats but it shouldn’t be to difficult to beat

    • Don’t. In Magic, there’s the single rule of CDD: Creatureless Deck Dies.
      I think the key part will be to leave the Kiln Fiends out and replace them with Wee Dragonauts and whatever else beef you can think up. Not only are they able to dodge most of your evil things by merit of flying, they’ll also be tough enough to survive your other spells. Well, some more than others. Don’t cry for the others though, it’s fine if they explode FOR SCIENCE!

      • Charmbreak Devils were pretty insane in my first game against this deck oh boy they hurt me… Managed to win with Dimir with 1 life left

  5. Finally! We all know Wingspan loves his purple decks, but this one looks like it might pass muster as a damn fine pile. In Magic 2012, Ral Zarek’s Cloudburst deck ran out of steam too quickly, in 2013 the Izzet Mindstorm deck was better, but had some wonky cards in there (Petrehydrox anyone?). This one could be top-tier, with the right build. Looking forward to it.

  6. Just so you guys know, on the Djinn Illuminatus when you replicate a spell remember it is NOT casting another spell so your creatures will not become more powerful. On that note, say you have 8 lands and you cast Banefire or Earthquake which are XR you can only replicate 4 copies not 8, not that you’d want to anyway.

  7. interesting combo for remand:

    you know it is a useful card but loses its use late game since most enemy can just simply recast what you neutralized but it has an awesome synergy with your wee dragonauts.

    image a 1cmc earthquake, remand, 1cmc earthquake, (maybe another remand), into a 7/3 dragonaut swing for only 4 mana. even green can’t pump 6 attack with only 4 mana. at least not in magic 2014.

    oh and never cycle startstorm unless you really need to because it is one if not THE best sweep in your deck because it is the only one that has no drawback on you ;D

    just my 2 cents because purple decks are the best in the world!

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