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Well, it’s the other moment you’ve all been waiting for: the official opening of the second Top Tier Tactics Magic 2014 tournament!

This month’s tournament will be for Xbox 360 players using preconstructed decks. Now that the first DLC is out, we’re really excited to see what players choose and how they perform. Will Avacyn’s Glory be dethroned by Izzet and Bant mages, or will Eldrazi and Slivers find a way to climb the ranks of the metagame?

This month’s winners will receive E3-exclusive prizes or Xbox credit that carries over into Xbox One, Windows 8, or Windows Phone. Worst case scenario, you break even on the DLC with 400 MSP. No wait… worst case scenario is you come in 4th or higher place and get nothing. But hey, not everyone can win!

Read the rules (no seriously, read them or you will be disqualified) below and sign up. Brackets will be assigned after October 5th. May all your topdecks be miracles!

Xbox 360 Tournament Registration

In order to register for our Magic 2014 DOTP tournament, you must do the following by October 5, 2013:

  • Comment below with your correctly-spelled Xbox Gamertag and the deck you will use
  • We will be contacting you via e-mail, so comment with a valid, active email address

Do not comment on this article for purposes other than tournament entry. If you are not available to play Magic 2014 in October, do not register for this tournament. Tournament registration will be limited as we see fit. Participation will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis.

This is a single elimination tournament. Each time you are assigned to your opponent, you must complete a first-to-three-wins series (best of five) within 72 hours of bracket assignments. For each bracket, one player must report a loss; if neither does, both players are disqualified (feel free to record/screenshot/photo your win). If a series ends in a tie, tie-breaker matches must be played until a winner is decided.

You may only play with the deck named in your entry comment. You may not “take back” your deck pick in the comments so choose wisely. Sideboarding before and between games is permitted.

Tournament Prizes

First Prize

  • E3 exclusive t-shirt prize pack
  • 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 value)

Second Prize

  • 800 Microsoft Points ($10 value)

Third Prize

  • 400 Microsoft Points ($5 value)


Void where prohibited. Must be of local legal age to claim prizes. T3 reserves the right to disqualify any participant for blatant or suspected cheating, collusion, or other malicious action/intent. Winners must comply with all local and federal laws. Due to international shipping restrictions, T3 may offer a substitute prize package of approximate equal value for winners whose countries’ import laws prohibit or restrict prize delivery.


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  1. Gamer tag: GATAREPA. Boy I still don’t have the new decks, I guess I’ll stick with good ol Avancyns glory. So exited to se d&b in tournament action I think it’ll be the 1 to beat

    Deck: Avancyn’s glory

  2. Gamer tag: N A M E S E

    Deck: Masks of Dimir

    I just saw this post today I have no problem being told I did not make the cut especially being very late to enter Thanks

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