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The entries have been finalized, the pairings have been made, so it’s finally time for T3’s second Magic 2014 tournament. And whether you’re participating or not, you can see the oh-so-glorious pairings here.

Our tournament will include 48 players, giving us one round of even byes straight down the middle. This way, almost everyone who signed up gets to compete, and the overall pairings chart should be fairly easy to read.

Players will have until October 11th to complete their first round matches, though they’re certainly free to get through any other rounds ahead of schedule. Full tournament rules can be found on the Challonge bracket page, but certainly feel free to reach out to me with any other questions, either on Challonge or T3.

This time around, it looks like DLC decks are taking the spotlight. Dodge and Burn and Lords of Darkness are up there near Avacyn’s Glory in popularity, with a few entries for Elves, Samurai, and Bant as well. After that, Deadwalkers and Chant of Mul Daya are the most popular… probably because they’re smart metagame picks against the removal-heavy DLC decks. Mind Maze and a few other stragglers make an appearance near the bottom.

There’s no representation for Slivers, Dimir, or Dragons… but this shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Dracomancer is terrible, Dimir just didn’t cut it last tournament, and I did a splendid job of sinking the Sliver Hive.

Regardless of how things turn out, here’s how deck variety looks:

  • Avacyn’s Glory: 8 entries
  • Chant of Mul Daya: 5 entries
  • Dodge and Burn: 9 entries
  • Deadwalkers: 5 entries
  • Firewave: 1 entry
  • Guardians of Light: 1 entry
  • Hall of Champions: 4 entries
  • Hunter’s Strength: 2 entries
  • Lords of Darkness: 7 entries
  • Mind Maze: 4 entries
  • Sylvan Might: 2 entries
  • Sword of the Samurai: 3 entries

As the tournament progresses, you can track individual deck performance here!

No matter what deck you picked, I certainly wish you all the best of luck. But, even moreso than that, I wish you the best of get your goddamn games played and report them without starting a friggin’ incident.

Yes, I used the same line twice.


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    • I have no idea what Toraka has against ‘removal spam’, as he calls it.

      Threats and answers, that’s what magic is about, threats and answers. As time has proven, it’s a lot more interesting that way than any other configuration of the game.

      Despite the amount of removal, the decks with the best threats are the best decks, not the decks with the best removal. If removal was what defined power, Slivers would never lose a game. Mindmaze has almost zero removal, and noone’s calling that bad. And Chant takes this to a somewhat ludicrous extreme – a deck with almost no removal, but insane threat density, and it’s very competitive.

      One thing I would like to note – not less than TWO of the new decks are direct hate decks to AG, and won’t lose to it if piloted well. The elf deck looks like a coin flip of whether the elves can go critical before a Champion kills you.

      The post-expansion metagame is bloody fantastic.

      • Because Charmbreaker Devils and Wee Dragonauts are no threat whatsoever?
        Also, what are you saying? Slivers get little removal, and even fewer of that actually finds its way into builds.

        I see the metagame of answering threats. Removal is fine. What isn’t fine is to load a deck with thirty of it to answer anything in the game while giving it threats which no other deck really has the tools to answer and making its deck strategy focus on preventing Magic from being played altogether.

  1. I have a question. Out of the writers/contributors for this site, how many are participating in the October tournament?

    • Well, PC master race, so I’m out. In fact, I don’t think anybody is participating, so there might be a realistic chance for even YOU to win! Best of luck!

      Then again, you’re using Zombies, so I wish you deeaaath! Although, better than Izzet, at least. I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

      • Thanks … maybe? Although I am a bit surprised that none of the staff is participating. Oh well, I won’t have an excuse when I get bodied.

  2. Got knocked out last night, a few great games though! Looking for some more competitive play with some talented players, add me HFS x Farmer

  3. I hope to see at least a few decks get eaten by hungry elves at least. Baby elves need angel and demon to provide the nutrients of tribal synergy.

  4. I wish I saw this post about having a tournament for DOTP 2014 I would have loved to play and use Masks of Dimir, Best of luck to everyone.

  5. Just got thoroughly punched in the face by Big D 9012, 3 games in a row, running Chant vs. his Avacyn’s Glory. Great deck build, overran me every time. Very sporting opponent though, and good luck to you in the rest of the Tourney Big D! May t-shirts and points be upon you…

    • I hate to say it but AG is just much easier to play than DB, especially in this matchup. DB IMO can stomp AG, but it requires a lot of experience playing control and/or burn decks, whereas AG can basically be topdecked into a curve with no problem.

  6. I tried in vain to get Chant of the Mul Daya into the final four, but it was futile.

    Nothing but humans and zombies left now; I guess it’s World War Z.

    • It’s alright, you tried. Let them fight amongst themselves, then have them watch in awe as the old gods emerge to sort out the rest.

      Let’s face it though, this will be another triple AG tournament since, in a setting where both fucking Angels and Zombies know what they’re doing, Angels will win. If only because Zombies’ only cards against Angels either murder themselves or cost 9 mana.

  7. My problem was that my first matchup with my Chant deck was straight into AG. I like to hope/think that I would have gotten further under the new meta, if I had encountered a few D&B decks or even samurai. Ah well, alls fair in love and magic…

  8. Thanks Wingspantt for hosting a tourney on Xbox, it was fun to meet and play against so many skilled opponents.

  9. Sprngpilot did come awfully close to winning. In my opinion people overestimated DB, especially against AG. DB is too inconsistent to win a best of 3.

    • Well I lose as AG to DB nearly every time I play ranked. I even lost vs a guy who had a 100 cards in his deck. I really couldn’t do anything, because everything got countered or burned. It felt like my opponent was rolling his head over the ipad keyboard and still wouldn’t let me play anything ;) maybe a bo5 really gives an advantage to Ag.

      Congrats on your win, altho i really kept my fingers crossed for lod and chant :)

      • Thanks, the benefit of the tourney is that you know what deck they’re using so you can swap out all your removal for Hallows and Lifegain. Different story in random games though.

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