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Let’s get this over with: I might not be the best teacher for Assassin’s Creed multiplayer. I mean, I have plenty of experience with the art, having started back in Brotherhood and I’ve done well in games ever since. However, due to my refusal to play the game of exploit as many bugs as you can that seems to be the metagame among “good” players, I can’t rank myself with the best, either. I’ll have to go for fifth best, right after our lovely WingspanTT. But perhaps one like you who is (use as applicable) just starting / not bad / experienced can draw some improvement yet from what advice I do have to offer.

Ain’t no shame in running for your life

It’s a simple change, but a tricky one and one you have to go through at that – lose the single player mentality. You are, at all times, vulnerable and need to be aware of what reveals your location. Whenever you perform a high profile action (killing, for instance) always assume your pursuer saw you do it. Consequently, you should do when comes naturally when you’re twenty feet away from being stabbed- run like hell. Think about the odds. There might be a 90% chance that your pursuer isn’t nearby, but in those cases you’ll be fine even if you do run away. At the same time, if you stay where you are and hope he isn’t around when he is, you’ll only get killed if you do.

Don’t go for stuns either unless you know you can get them. If your pursuer looks like she may have seen you, she has. Don’t contend yourself with a mere 100 points and get the hell towards safety. Not only will you delay your own demise and reduce score, fleeing also opens up a variety of other options. Even if you don’t start (and win) a chase, there is a good chance you will be able to set up a stun. If nothing else, your pursuer’s pursuer will have more time to get the heat off of you.

Know the coin’s perspectives

No matter how pretentious good and experienced you are, there’s always the occasional moment where you ask yourself, “How in the hell did she see me?” Don’t deny it. Instead, try asking yourself, “How would I have seen myself?” While you’re focused on stabbing or not getting stabbed, try to imagine yourself in the opposite role. How do you identify your targets/pursuers? You will often find yourself subconsciously giving off the same traces you use to sniff out others. Focus on avoiding them to deny your opponents the easy game.

How to deal with exercise, and how to avoid it

Lastly, don’t run unless you have to. (For instance, as mentioned above, when there might be somebody waiting to stab you in the face. It’s okay then). Hell, don’t even stand out in the open. This is more true in Deathmatch and perhaps Wanted, but whenever you’re not hiding, you are at most 30 seconds away from getting stabbed. NPCs naturally cluster up in moving and static crowds and their paths and spots are fixed. Now, what could it communicate to your pursuer when they see somebody who looks just like their target walking a good five meters behind a blend group? Hide as long as you possibly can.

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