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Two big things going on this October:

1. WiNG’s TF2 Spy Lesson #11 is out

WiNGSPANTT gladly accepts weapons, hats, crates, keys, and nametags as gifts.

Yes, after much procrastinating, crying, and self-loathing, I’ve managed to scrape together the eleventh video in my ongoing failspy saga. While YouTube has done its best to completely and utterly fuck my attempts at artistic theft expression, the video works fine if viewed in an embedded format.

In Lesson #11, I bring home the bacon on pl_Goldrush using the all new, all fail knife, Your Eternal Reward.

Watch the newest installation in my ongoing guide to semi-successful Spying right here!

2. Polycount MADNESS Week

This week, Top Tier Tactics takes a closer look at every aspect of the Polycount/Mannconomy update. What items give you an edge? Which ones hinder your options? What the hell is so funny about slapping a man to death with a half-preserved trout?

Tune in to T3 all week and find out!

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  1. Do you really think that the new knife is all fail or would you say it’s more of a ‘getting used to a new tactic’ thing?

    • No, not really, though it’s certainly very buggy. I think it has a lot of potential, and I think some of it is obvious in my new video…. it’s an excellent sidegrade.

  2. try the whole set, its SPECTACULAR. i was lucky enough to get the fez out of a craft. it goes really well with the dead ringer which is made almost completely silent.
    the one problem with the dead ringer is when its triggered, you loose your disguise. i am sure that is just a bug like the posting of kill notifications but it still works fairly well.

  3. Finally. a website that is acually accurate, funny and non-misleading al at once.. great website WiNG ill be watching it in the future

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