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Completing AC4’s cooperative Wolfpack mode solo isn’t just for bragging rights. It can help you unlock challenges of every difficulty with ease while giving you an opportunity to refine your basic murdering gameplay skills. Not only that, but a daily dose of Wolfpack can earn you insane boosts to both your level progression (EXP) and your bank account (Abstergo credits).

Check out the video for a play-by-play walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed 4 Wolfpack solo play, including overall strategy, scoring tactics, and ability tips. Happy hunting!

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  1. Hey wingspan, thanks for the video. Quick tip: you CAN Get the ranged weapon objective with knives and disruption which are much better than gun in wolfpack. Just make sure target is affected by the ability then kill. Ive been using the 250 streak usually to activate the bonus objective related to streaks faster. Ability switch is a great loss streak bonus in wolfpack. Poison/disguise/disruption is great in early rounds along with hot pursuit and kill buffer. Switch to determined/resistance or kill buffer/resistance later on seems to work well especially for harder rounds/difficulties with the infection rounds. Any time you get stunned you can change.

    Would like your opinion on a few things: fav perks for wolfpack? Best difficulty level for money and experience? I can reliably complete difficult solo but havent finished hardcore solo.
    Any definitive answer on whether its games started or completed in 20 mins for the daily bonus? Standard takes me less than 20 but difficult usually more. Does changing ability sets reset your streak counter?
    Id love to see a solo hardcore video with commentary if you can do it. Send me an invite if youd like to play sometime: redka243 on 360.

  2. Just went thru a solo wolfpack and only got 600 abstergo points and maybe 1 level(lvl 16 now) is there something im missing?

  3. On the subject of ranged weapons, you can get the credit for the ranged kill with throwing knives IF you kill them while they are subdued by the knives.

    My issue on Difficulty level is on maps like Portobello and the Prison where there seems to be very few places to get the acrobatic kills for the optional objectives. This proves to be a stumbling block in moving on to the other objectives to get the points needed to win the map. Any tips?

      • What can I say…I’m a completionist. Those are the only two maps I have not finished on Difficult. Cheers. I’ll keep pounding away at them. They say God loves a tryer. lol

      • Dandy, one thing to keep in mind is you can shoulder ram NPCs (off hand + high profile) to move them near a ledge. You might need smoke bomb to get focus + accro though.

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