Home Shopping Now available: the Splinter Cell Blacklist SvM Classic Strategy Guide

Want to get ahead of all the wannabe cyber-ninjas and mallcops online? Xiant and I have completed our ridiculously detailed Splinter Cell Blacklist SvM Classic strategy guide, expertly crafted to give you all the strategies your duo needs to stomp hackers and soldiers of fortune alike (depending which side you favor).

This 36-page guide includes full class rundowns, weapon and gadget strategies, offense, defense, and team-based tactics that are all designed to give you and a buddy the upper hand in every situation. Consider this the full Splinter Cell Blacklist SvM Classic mode manual.

[product id=”” sku=”SPLBL2013″]  Since this is the inaugural T3 Downloadable Strategy Guide, we’re offering it at a price that ‘s just a fraction of the cost of the hundreds of hours of testing, planning, and writing involved. We hope you consider picking up this premiere piece to support our work, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Cheers!

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