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Is it a leak? Is it an early release? Did Stainless decide to let Magic 2014 players open one present early this year?

No matter the case, it appears the decks for Duels of the Planeswalkers’ third (and presumably final) DLC Deck Pack are now available… if you own the iOS version of the game.

Users on the official Wizards of the Coast forum have discovered that, with the latest software path, two new decks have been added to this version of DOTP.

Warsmith is a red and white deck that unleashes a bevvy of burn, artifacts, and metalcraft-enabled effects with an all-out offensive stance.

Hunting Season is a mono-green pile that builds up an army of ever-growing creatures and tokens. Also, it has a copy of Thragtusk, so GG.

More news will be posted as it’s available, but for now… enjoy the deck lists!

Hunting Season deck list


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  1. Artifact deck. Someone pick up the phone, ’cause I called it.

    And YET ANOTHER green buff deck. Wizards. Stahp. Okay, this one uses counters instead of auras, but really, same thing. Also someone pick up THAT phone, ’cause I called it yet again. (A functioning and playable Selesnya deck, I said. Then we got 2 Essence of the Wild and many, many token generators. Ow.)
    The green deck is also begging me to break it, if only so that I can use Grizzly Fate. (Those of you who don’t know me can probably guess that I love cheesy puns over even pizza.) Though, no luck, I’ll be hanging with me artifact brahs. Which seem to be getting a lot of the really right cards without looking overpowered at first glance. (Point: It has no Cheeateh like Samurai.) I mean, DOLMEN GATE. In Aggro! And that’s not even all of it. When a card that ensures your stuff literally can’t die except against Izzet isn’t the top, you know you’re in for a treat.

    It also tempts me to make a colourless or at least mono coloured variant. If it’s a deck, I want to break it.

  2. Wow these decks look powerful. I wonder when they’ll be released on steam. Apparently they’re already out for iPad.

  3. “No matter the case, it appears the decks for Duels of the Planeswalkers’ third (and presumably final) DLC Deck Pack are now available… if you own the iOS version of the game.”

    i love my iPad!!!

  4. Thy could have given us myr tribal.
    Insted they age us a second red-white articact aggro.
    Wizards, why? Do you have no new ideas? Quit remaking the old decks!

  5. I wish instead of Young Wolf and Strangleroot Geist they’d put in Safehold Elite and Kitchen Finks. Or persist instead of undying in general. i mean, undying is great and all that, but in a deck that throws around +1/+1 counters like confetti, cancelling out -1/-1 counters so your recurring creatures keep coming back just makes ~a lot~ more sense than stopping their recursion by having them placed on. In general Hunting Season just feels like it’s missing some things, especially ramp for all the expensive cards and costs for the deck.

    Warsmith is pretty tight thus far though. If only I could take a Jitte from the samurai deck and stick it in though, maybe the mythic swords… would find a better home in Warsmith than there, but I suppose the samurai deck would be dead in the water without them~

    • My guess is the included undying rather than persist because of the nonbo with Doubling Season, which is the card they wanted to build the deck around.

  6. Could they make any more mono green decks if they tried? I’m sick and tired of green, also white for that matter. 8!
    And another R/W deck… Ughh… At least there may finally be a decent R/W deck in DotP now thanks to cards that erm aren’t R/W (ok March to War wasn’t too bad). It has some Myr… I called that part at least. ^_^

  7. More decks already?? Wow.

    What’s the status of your deck guide for Up to Mischief? I’ve been waiting with bated breath. I’m a MTG noob, and your guides teach me a lot about card value.

  8. An artifact deck 4 me, yeeeeei! Worried about big creature removal tho. It mostly has burn removal, and some creatures to exile…

  9. That green deck looks like Hunters Strength FIXED. That’s an awesome thing! I hated how this year’s stompy was relegated to totally unplayable with the expansion…

    Cool new decklists, decks that appear to be competitive, with powerful fun cards (Thragtusk is totally fun as a 1 of), new mechanics and a decent skill cap…(and nothing but a wall of really baseless complaints! Shame!).

  10. Has there ever been a black/green deck in DOTP? Been playing on and off over the years and I can’t seem to recall one.

    • Yep last year had a very solid removal-spam Golgari deck, that was pretty much tier 1 in power till the final deck packs broke the game.

      • Don’t know what all of you guys are going on about. All of the decks were very fun to mill to death.

        No, I never lost a game to Golgari when milling them, even though they seem to get about twenty Sewer Nemeses. Maybe they did because I always made everyone draw three cards a turn. Maybe Artifact Combo Dream Puppets was a bit OP as well. Wouldn’t know, never played anything but it.

      • Hahaha yep Puppets gave it a trouncing and a half, but if anyone went to game 2 vs me playing that bullshit they ran into a Goblin-shaped brick wall :)

        Seriously given a choice I’d play nothing but the Nature’s Wrath or whatever it was called from that year. God I loved that deck, highest skill cap of anything they’ve put in Duels to date.

      • See, there my DP build differentiated from the others. It actually stood a realistic chance of winning against Goblins if you didn’t play like a narcoleptic buttonmasher. (In that, it required at least more skill than Angels.)

        Ancient Wilds, you mean? The green bounce deck? That thing was just so OP…
        (And I’m not just saying that because it kicked me out of 2013’s TTT PC tournament due to my own misplays.)

      • Oh bollocks there was a Puppets build that could live to turn 5 against Goblins! There was never a harder counter in the history of magic since like, Hatred-Suicide-Black vs Sligh. Just as well too or else Puppets would have dominated everything :)

        Yeh I meant Wilds. Such a fun deck. It wasn’t so much ‘OP’ as it was ‘tier 1’.
        It was as good as Goblins, Golgari, Lifegain and Soldiers. But it required good decisions on *every* turn to beat those decks just mentioned.

        No other Duels deck had me making careful, game-deciding turn-2/3 decisions based off implied information gleaned from my opponent’s opening plays…
        Like I was doing the turn-4 Natural-Order-after-wood-elf opening, but my opponent’s play suggested that he had instant speed removal in his hand and I had no fifth land or Thragtusk, so I fetched Gaea’s Avenger instead of doing Terastrodon land denial (which would have killed me when he beat me to death with the beasts in 2 turns, but of course is the right move ~75% of the time), and made his card dead and his untapped mana useless…good times… :)

      • Oh, everything has a counter. In that case, it was down mostly to “Do I go first and do I have Counterspell against Piledriver?” Tough choice, since Artifact Puppets relied on being greedy as hell during the early game and tapping out for Howling Mine. If that question turned up false, you had already lost. Why did they have to include a game-winner against all other decks that was also literally unbeatable against pretty much any partially blue deck? Why does that thing have to cost TWO? It would have been fine at four!

        Anyway. It was quite fun to play, too bad that it required traces of brain power and was thus unplayed in favour of Goblins, Humans, and Removal Spam. Seeing a pattern there?

        Enough of lack of balance. Speaking of which, here’s a screenshot of what Chant could have been if DotP had the mana pool: (no viruses, promised!)

        Turn 7. I’m not sure what’s more dumb, the 4 mana dudes that tap for 4 mana at least and any amount at best (The Acolyte is actually the single most mana producing card in the entire game right now, barring Sakiko and pooling with Omnath. In this picture, it tapped for the Colossus plus a floating,) the 3 mana 8/8 or more (if Reverent Hunter is smaller, you’re not playing Green right), or the Make-Your-Own-Lotus-Valley Verdant Havens. I just found out that I have access to 4, as opposed to 2, of them, so yay for literally rainbow tapping lands! Add Satyr, make enough mana for a monstrous Colossus by turn 5. I would be pretty scared of a deck that can do it, much less consistently.
        Moral: Be glad there is no mana pool in DotP. Turboramp is a silly, silly archetype. So silly that I just had to make a deck around 0.40$ Colossi and two 0.13$ land enchantments. Though it would certainly be fun to see Devotion in the next iteration, I’m questioning that one’s balance of power level. (Gary, merchant of Asphodel, my heart belongs to you.)

  11. The curve on that green deck is totally sick, but I admit I’m a little bit disappointed at 2x etched champion. That card is never and has never been fun for anyone.

    • Trying to set that up. One difficulty though, let me express it in a poem.

      We’re quite alike, Wing and I,
      Write, play, make opponents die.
      At Magic, and else, both of us stomp,
      Occasionally, we even both play a swamp.
      The times are the same when he and I play,
      But when it is Friday night, ’tis my Satur-Day.
      (Under the week, I have to leave at seven for uni.)

      The story of every fan interaction between me and TTT ever.

      • Not Magic related, but the way you write and express yourself makes me curious what your MBTI personality type is.

      • So I see that it worked. ‘Cause the one I let you see and the one I usually am in real life are pretty much polar opposites.

        I agree with most of what’s in those profiles, but disagree with a lot more. Who would’ve guessed that people don’t easily fit into internet profiles.
        I’m usually very cynical and don’t give much regards for any human being, including myself. Once you give yourself the realisation that any human is, by definition, a worthless pile of meat, you need some force of will just to find reason to live. Finishing my novel saved my life. Beyond that however, I refuse to let anything mask the horrors of the world. It’s a liberating philosophy. I also wish that people would stop moaning about everything. Though my judgement might be slightly off since I have a very high treshold for pain, can’t even feel cold until it’s already in the negatives (Celsius), and most emotions give little more than a small wave before ebbing off.

        I also can’t live without planning my actions and without sufficient time to plan everything out. I’m *very* manipulative. If you let me into your mind (and I feel like it) your entire world is going to change. That being said, an existence face to face with the monster of humanity need not be a joyless one. I love watching plans go off, the more complicated the better, or just some stupid “Ow my balls” type of fun. See Just Cause 2.
        Maybe “somewhere between” is accurate. I suppose I’m well defined by my decks already:
        – Excessive Mana. 23 Green-producing lands, 3 colours, can cast and monstrosise a Colossus of Akros by turn 5. I said excessive and I mean it.

        – U/B Ashiok creature-based stall and flying, built around Bident of Thassa. Oh, tap those three guys, your entire army gets -3/-3.

        – R/B Theros Cow tribal. Cows. Probably the dumbest deck I ever made, if it wasn’t for Excessive Mana.

        – Theros/Ravnica Izzet. Numbers a whole 14 permanents, excluding lands. And all of them in some way or another boost my spells. (I like Melek, Izzet Paragon the most. Some day, I’ll get Epic Experiment on top.)

        – W/G Elspeth + 58. Who cares about the rest, it has two Elspeths.

        Might end up also building G(/R) Beast, for smashitude, and (mono)U Flying tribal. Because Windreader Sphinx is evil.

      • @WiNGSPANTT

        ENTPs and ENFPs have a lot alike of course due to sharing the same dominant function, such as that they both get excited by all the possibilities life presents them and they both tend to be impulsive and jump from one project to the next. ENTPs tend to be a lot more antisocial however and tend to be more interested in exploring the potential of things, where as ENFPs are more interested in the potential of people. Both also use different auxiliary and tertiary processes.


        There is some evidence (Dario Nardi has done some neuroscience on MBTI) that your personality type is a particular combination of preferred cognitive brain functions (processing and judging information) that work in tandem to create a functional cognitive system, which began to develop since childhood. As opposed to looking at the profiles I find it more useful to have an understanding of the different cognitive functions such as the difference between Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Thinking.

        I’m not as eloquent as you are, nor is English my native tongue but I’ll try to give clear arguments, based on my limited knowledge of psychology why I think you may be an INTP. In fact being eloquent and precise with language is a trait often attributed to INTPs. People with dominant Introverted Thinking highly value precision in definitions, where as people with Extraverted Thinking tend to care more about that they get their message across in a way people will understand.

        That who you are in real life is different from who you usually are could indicate that you have Extraverted Feeling, in that you behave differently in order to adjust to the needs of others and relate to them, even if it’s not consistent with what you feel. Since it’s an inferior function in the INTP, it’s probably challenging for you to relate to others, especially if they’re being illogical in your eyes. Furthermore INTPs are not naturally in touch with their feelings and may appear to others like robots on the inside. Someone with Introverted Feeling usually behaves according to their own personal values and wants to connect with people who have similar values.

        Out of all the types INTPs are also known to be the least certain of being a particular type. I suppose Introverted Thinking seeks closure and precision while their auxiliary Extraverted Intuition is constantly coming up with additional possibilities to consider. INFPs and INTPs alike may struggle to settle on a worldview, identity, or direction that allows them to act with confidence.

        Out of two people I know to have experienced some existential crisis they both have appeared to fit the description and have the cognitive processes ascribed to the INTP personality type. Other types appear to have an easier time being comfortable with merely having subjective meaning in their lives, if they even question the meaning of their lives at all.

        From my experience INTPs are skilled debaters, like to play devil’s advocate and are experts at picking apart the logical conclusions of others and instill doubt in their minds, so I wouldn’t’ be surprised if you’re good at manipulating people, provided they dare to go into an intellectual debate with you. INFPs are good at manipulating as well, but they’ll do it subtly using your feelings they easily sense, not your arguments.

        INTPs are described as the architects, and from what I understand of the decks you’ve created, they’re on the surface perhaps a little unorthodox or quirky, but actually quite genius to those who see what you did thar. Not strong enough evidence of you being an INTP of course, but again not surprising.

        I’ve recently read some of your stuff (also on fimfiction) and you definitely convey that there’s a lot more to you underneath the surface, which is something that always intrigues me (guess that’s my Introverted Feeling as an INTJ). Through your outward detachment, cynicism and defensiveness, you actually seem like quite a sensitive person to me. I suspect you subconsciously repress your feelings, which only get expressed in the form of cynicism or in rare cases where you may have an emotional outburst when overwhelmed with stress. Your high tolerance for pain is likely also related to your detachment of your feelings. You’re also very smart (yet very critical of yourself, another INTP trait) and appear to use detachment through logic to stay strong and as a way to protect your otherwise vulnerable feelings.

        I’m glad you found meaning in live in the novel you wrote and would like to congratulate you for finishing it, which is something I’m sure is impressive. Perhaps a bit weird for me to say going on merely impressions, but in my opinion, the world is richer with interesting people such as yourself.

        You seem to imply that the horrors of life, or needless suffering, is something you care about and that it’s bad, something we ought not to wish for, so aren’t you then being inconsistent with your values when you make yourself needlessly suffer? Perhaps in vain, I’d advice you to keep the horrors of the world and the objective meaningless of live, along with the value of true detachment in mind, while at the same time practicing engaging life in a way that makes you happy and those around you (friendship is magic :D) and being fully present to enjoy and appreciate the good things in live, most notably, love.

        Or to sum it up, I quote from a book by David Deida: To love completely, and hold onto nothing, that’s the only freedom.

        Looking forward to you demolishing my arguments x].

      • You know that feeling when someone is making you feel bad on the inside, yet you don’t want them to stop talking because it’s true? Basically that.

        I see a fair amount of experience within you, without the dry confidence in that you are the only right one that other psychologists seem to have. Judging by the about ten that failed with me. (That being said with a psychologist soon-to-be as my future significant friend. I love irony.)

        The message of pain and illusions has to be put into context, which is always really hard. I’ve long lost faith in a good world, so I see many people creating themselves illusions to ward off evil they cannot handle. I don’t mean to offend religious people – to each her own – but it’s most easily expressed using a book title I recently saw that made something click: “Faith is to give your life’s worries to God”.
        I see people pretending much evil of this world, of mankind, simply does not exist, and I’m a pessimist when I point it out. As you read this paragraph, a child was murdered. Another just died in slave labour. I can’t accept the thought of making the world look better through ignorance, if you can at least accept the presence of evil. Pollution, climate change, political abuse (as subtle as twisting the laws in taxpaying companies’ favour), numberless crimes, people on the brink of existence forced into budgeting each day. How often do you talk about that? It happens each day, all around us, yet it’s commonly silenced away. That is coming from Switzerland, too, arguably one of the best places to live. As I see it, anything but facing those and continuing life regardless is a sign of weakness.

        Don’t want the discussion to escalate since this really isn’t the place, so here’s a couple of facts that are probably helpful in understanding me. Some might get offended by them in some way, which is why I usually keep them secret:

        – I am really smart. As in, my IQ tests came back 140. For the lowest. And 156 as top. I am luckily reaching an age where I can match myself, unlike earlier where I was trapped in an idiotic body.

        – I can comprehend and replicate others’ feelings on unthinkable levels. It’s quite handy as an author, but it left me vulnerable to what mankind is capable of doing. Put short, with most crimes, there is always a monster to blame. A deranged murderer, or fate’s cruelty. What if that monster is one where you see no difference between them and yourself? Perhaps your own kin? For the first fifteen years of my life, I saw the worst of mankind, yet there was no way of isolating myself away from that. It breaks a man, maybe it broke me. I know only the moment that I got on with the monster that is any human, including myself.

        – I have pretty much perfect memory, from an age of five onwards and in shards before that. Sounds great, except if you want to forget something. A life of sorrow and pain behind you, perhaps? Each moment, I have relived many times. I don’t remember just the events, either; I recall how it was, how I was. It’s a lot of pain with no escape.

        – I am quite perfectionistic, with far higher expectations in myself and others than would be necessary. I also often expect others to use the same standards, so relaxing after an exam that went anything but perfect is… fun.

        – If you’ve read my novel (it’s the story which is 190’000 words long instead of 2’000), Midnight was created using more or less my own assets in a different setting. Within reason, anyhow. My parents are still fine and I’m not at the hearing voices part. Not yet, anyhow.

        – I actually fear two things. Not really fear, really. I have been given a divine quest to eradicate all arachnids or keep a safe distance from them (leg size times five-hundred is about minimum if I can’t smash it) and I’m not great with knives. I have no idea where the arachnophobia comes from, it’s probably genetically predetermined. Particularly funny when no one takes you seriously and insists on leaving the monsters live to crawl right back inside the house where it’s warm and there’s plenty of food. I can handle small, blunter knives, but as soon as you get into the actually dangerous area, I get overwhelmed with images of harming myself or others with them, to the point where I can hardly use them. Fun with razors to prepare tiny slices of plants to microscope. So bloody sharp, and it could slip at any moment…

        – I don’t believe in any human superpowers. It’s a habit that I’m noticing of man thinking they are anything worth noting at all. However, that way of thinking would be easier if my life would stop behaving exactly as I wrote it down in my stories. The concept of a set future is terrifying at the very least, but even more so is the moment when I simply have nothing left to tell. Will I meet an end with my stories? It’s also always amusing when there comes a moment that you remember. Imagine the feeling of having killed a loved one. Not just a poor accident that you can’t really blame on yourself, no, *you* killed them. You’ve successfully repressed that memory, until it comes free some day. That’s how it feels, and it happens between once every few days and multiple times daily.

        – Suppose I should also say this, I don’t actually have that many talents. I am a decent writer, I’ve been told, and I’m good at smarty stuff, but little beyond that. I can’t draw (another point for the upcoming biologist!), I can’t string any music together nor play it, I’m little of a comedian… yeah, not much to be had.

        – That being said, you probably already know that I have one weak point, my ego. I know that I can do well what I can do, and people that attack me there can score easy reactions from an otherwise unmoving force. It also makes it quite challenging to deal with when I encounter something that I know I should be able to do, yet just doesn’t come. If I’m not a good author, then what separates me from the seven billion fleshbags? What reason would I have to exist?

  12. This is garbage. Why do the iTards get this first? And why hasn’t wizards released this on all platforms yet? Is there a timeframe yet? I can’t find anything on their page for these..

  13. Hey how late in the year did Magic 2014 release the year it came out? I dont want to buy DLC when Magic 2015 will be released soon.

  14. Is there any way Wing can do an early guide for both of this decks? I would like to see your build for warsmith Toraka…

    • Deck Pack 3 still isn’t technically announced for platforms that don’t want to smear their cards with whatever’s on their hands. Thus, who knows what will happen and when.

      When it happens though, you can be certain I’ll be on the trail to cover it as fast as I can. As a first look, the way would probably be to abandon gimmicky stuff like Charbelcher and just focus on crafty smashitude. I like smashitude (though I don’t imagine the deck does.)

  15. Just got Warsmith and Hunting Season. My thoughts: Warsmith is fun to play, however you have to hit metal-craft quickly or you can easily get left behind. It just doesn’t have the creature-size or removal to take on mid\late game creatures. I was disappointed with HS. I Just can’t seem to ever make this deck pay off for me. (Dropping 6 mana for a +2/+2 counter!?) Mostly your hoping one at least one of your creatures will live long enough for you to hit the mana to power it up, which doesn’t seem to happen often. I consider this the weakest no o-green deck in DOTP 14. I’d rather play Hunting Season than this one.

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