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Titanfall’s maps are big, especially given the twitchy nature of the action that takes place. Time to kill is similarly quick, and in a gamemode like Attrition, where every kill really matters, having just twelve players – not counting titans – on the map would severely hamper the pacing. Thankfully (depending on your opinion) there are loads of AI controlled troops on the field for you to slaughter.

Some people take issue with the sheer number of bots on offer, but they open up some serious tactical options, either when working as a team or running solo. Even the lowliest grunt is one more point you have over your enemy, and if they have even a little trouble killing your allied pilots, if they massacre your bot friends, your chances of victory might be slim.

As a solo player, then, the strategy is quite simple: shoot everything that moves. Treat the game as if were a free-for-all, save that there are some things you can’t kill. Don’t focus on any particular enemy or enemy type, and if possible steer clear of titans. Putting a titan in doom state adds nothing to your score, and 90% of pilots will eject long before their titan actually explodes. In the event it’s a one-sided fight against a team of mechs, go for everything that isn’t surrounded by tons of steel.

Moving as a group, by contrast, tends to degrade strategy in Titanfall. The game quickly devolves into a race for kills, but again you can rack up a huge score without much in the way of reprisal by focusing on the random bits of meat and metal that little the battlefield. You’ll run into a pilot or two on your travels, but for the most part it’ll be a turkey shoot.

Bear in mind, however, that your enemies have a similar choice to make. Many a strong solo player has been soundly defeated by a couple people farming bots, so keep an eye on that scoreboard and always stay on top.

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