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Speed is always the key: for players

Momentum is huge in Titanfall, both as a player and as a team. Though I mentioned in the last article that the maps are large – and they are – you’ll find that even without the bots there’s usually something to shoot at. Your goal, especially at the beginning of the match, is to go towards the center of the map and cut off anyone you can find. Toss a grenade towards the enemy spawn and make your way to the high traffic areas.

The question becomes, how to do this as fast as is humanly possible? Again, momentum is crucial. Take some time, either in a public match or a private one, to learn usable wall running routes throughout the map. Bear in mind that you can hang or parkour over and on almost everything, and as you do so your character’s speed increases. You’ll find knowing what routes to take after dropping in will pay dividends both in straight up deathmatch and in more objective game modes.

Keep in mind the titan situation of your team as well. Spare a couple seconds to glance at the scoreboard and see how many titans both teams have on the field. Attrition quickly lives up to its name if there’s a major mech imbalance, so hold onto your second titan if you can. Your first can get your team going early, but if the momentum shifts midway through and it’s five guys in robots against just one or two, you’ll need to take action. I’ll cover titan strategies for attrition tomorrow, but for now understand that in the event your team’s on the back foot, you should be in the titan, not on the ground.

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