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Due to completely foreseen circumstances, I’ll be posting the Polycount Madness Day 5 update tomorrow. As a token of my regret and good will, I offer you this video.

Consider it bread and circuses a better version of Meet the Spy.

It can only be deduced that the person or persons responsible for these animated theatrics are of noble breeding and social stature. Likewise, I am irrevocably ingratiated to sauceje, a user of the forums for common queries as they pertain to electronic entertainment media, for sharing this amusing oeuvre with his peers.

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  1. My, How extroadinarily Gentlemanly!
    My organs that are used for the sole gift of sight are flummoxed and bemused by the might of those characters headwear, and their facial hair can be found as most amusing.

    • I foresaw this as soon as I saw the gentle manne video in the post. Sorry, I’ve already exhausted all my refined talk. I bet I’m not the only one.

  2. One is left in awe at such mastery of the Queen’s English. A discovery of such magnitude is certainly worthy of the latest in millinery fashion, but alas my Lancastrian ancestry is to somewhat similar to my Irish brethren. Nevertheless, should such haute couture enter ones possession, you good sir will be the benefactor of a philanthropic gesture.

  3. I belive this wonderfull presentation of colored and elegant movement is missing some ponderations.. as in “Tis but a fact that the rapscallion that infiltrated our cultivated house of good costumes and manners, has an attire of elegant aswell as effective methods in which to circumvent our defensive perimeters. Surely we must muse on ways to combat, defend, parry and thrust at such a distinguished enemy, which has, in fact, tarnished our honor.” among much more.

    I must applaud this extraordinary presentation, one in which I was not expecting but did bring, joy, happiness and dare say momentum to my rather gloom day. Cheerio, old chap.

  4. At present time, the amusement of my colleagues brings me a large but unquantifiable amount of satisfaction. It would not be presumptuous of me to believe that, given adequate time, another animated video presentation of this nature may reintroduce us to one of the eight remaining members of this fortified league sequel.

  5. Well this video educated us on how the heavy due to lack of an head covering object that distinguishes your fasion sense must have been born in poverty in ireland due to simple deductive reasonning and therefore is classified as…. I suck at this :p

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