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A Mann Co. Name Tag recently came into my possession.

I pondered for many minutes on its use. Should it be used for good, or for evil? For advertising, or for trolling?

Eventually, I decided that perhaps this item should serve a higher purpose.

I make no claim of the superiority of this name. I confer that honor to this Spy’s excellent choice.

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  1. What better way to use a nametag on an item than to give praise to a deity of old ^^

    I’m still wondering if I should name my sydneys sleeper (when I craft mine) the “The Piss-a-fire” and my Holy Mackarel the “Holy Tuna of Trolling + 10″… the possibilities are endless xD Still I’m attached to the orginal names for some reason… I guess I’m sentimental =)

    • I’m attached to the original names also… it’s part of why I named the default knife, because when you name a default weapon the game gives you an extra copy of the original.

      • Woah I didn’t knew that.. I kinda noticed it on the video but was a bit confused by it since I think valve added a “remove Nametag button” (like Cereal Said) on a recent patch… so I dunno, it’s just a button to destroy renamed duplicates?

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