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Eventhubs has posted its latest Tokyo-approved Super Street Fighter IV tier list, and boy is this one a doozie.

First off, if you play a charge character, odds are you’ve landed yourself in the Top Tier.* Honda, Bison, Guile, Chun-Li, and Balrog have landed the consecutive top spots, pushing long-time favorites like Ryu, Rufus, and inputting actual motions to lower echelons of play.

In the middle of the pack come all the characters you hate fighting against, with little scoring difference seen between what would be the B and D tiers. In fact, there is as little as 20% overall rating difference between the highest ranked characters and the majority of the cast. Suffice it to say, whether you agree with this specific list or not, Super Street Fighter 4 remains one of the most balanced games since Pong.**

That is, unless you’re Guy, Gen, Dan, Hakan, or Makoto. These little-played pugilists are all vying for Fail Tier, with over a 25% spread from the game’s strongest contenders. Granted, even that’s not a big spread. But with a majority of 3-7 and 4-6 matchups, maining these characters may result in more of an uphill battle than is typically desirable.

As with all tier lists, this system is subject to scrutiny. Are charge characters really this good? Does the game actually have this many 7-3 matchups? Is Makoto actually the worst character in the game? Until Capcom pays me to say something definitive, I leave that pondering to you, gentle reader.

For the full tier list by rank, continue reading. For additional details, see the original scoring compilation.

Adapted Super Street Fighter 4 Tier List Summary

  1. Honda
  2. M. Bison
  3. Guile
  4. Chun-Li
  5. Balrog
  6. Cammy
  7. Ryu
  8. Abel
  9. Dhalsim
  10. Rufus
  11. Sagat
  12. Seth –
  13. Akuma
  14. Fei Long
  15. Ken
  16. Rose
  17. Blanka
  18. Zangief
  19. Dee Jay
  20. Adon
  21. Ibuki
  22. Vega
  23. Cody
  24. C. Viper
  25. El Fuerte
  26. Dudley
  27. Gouken
  28. Juri
  29. T. Hawk
  30. Sakura
  31. Guy
  32. Gen
  33. Dan
  34. Hakan
  35. Makoto
*Copyright on this term pending.
**I am still of the opinion that Left Paddle is highly overpowered.
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    • Indeed. It’s okay, once AE DLC is out, Cammy will be completely worthless, based on the rumors. Then again Dudley was rumored for Top Tier.

  1. i’m surprised to see fei.long higher than ken,blanka etc.but i can’t blame you personally i think blanka’s the shittest sf character ever so that’s why blanka deserved to be a little lower than vanilla sf4 same goes for rufus.and by the way this is my ssf4 tier list below in my opinion on how the tier should go on as.
    D:gen,dudley,cammy,adon,dan,sakura,makoto. Makoto definitly the weakest.

  2. my much clear repeated ssf4 tier list! of my own opinion damn it the computer’s gone slow.

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