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Suffer not a pinball wizard to live.

Do you like Pinball? Were you a fan of the original Pinball FX on XBLA? Can you hang with your deaf, dumb, and blind friends on the top of the leaderboards?

The answer to all three of these questions is: Who gives a shit, free Gamerscore!

The makers of Pinball FX and Pinball FX 2 have decided in their infinite wisdom generosity long-term money-making interests to release Pinball FX2 for free. What’s the catch? If you want extra game modes or pinball tables, you’ve gotta cough up the Microsoft Points.

That said, you can’t argue with free, and getting the full game for the price of zero dollars and naught a penny cents means it’s definitely worth your time to download this title and try it today. And hell, if you indeed do love it, go ahead and buy the add-ons.

Check it out on your 360 Dashboard, or click here to add this game to your Xbox 360 download queue.

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  1. It’s pulling the sneaky GameRoom trick where the ‘game’ is just a front end, you have to buy all of the individual tables or be stuck with just the trial games.

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