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Sorry folks, no Win Conditioning this week. Why is this? I’m expanding my wealth of articles! Expect more than just Win Conditioning from me starting next week. Well, this week technically.

Anyway, onto the main point. It’s Friday, October 29th. This means that we have now officially entered Halloween weekend! A lot of people have parties, trick-or-treating, alcohol, costumes, candy, and alcohol to look forward to this Saturday and Sunday. BUT NOT YOU! We all know you’re a shut-in who plays video games all the time, so let’s not deny it. Normally, most video game-related things start their hiatus around now until the Holiday season. However, this year quite a bit is happening.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on this weekend so you can have something to do. While you sit in the dark. Alone. Crying.

Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch Update

If you’re like me, then you’ve been playing games for a LONG time, ever since the NES days. One of my favorite games on the NES was Mega Man 2, meaning I nearly crapped my pants when this fan-made Doom 2 mod was released. Well, it’s been a few weeks since the initial release and now MM8BDM version 1b has been released! It might not have the new Roboenza mode which is being developed now, but it does tweak a lot of things, such as weapon balancing and the lag in Quick Man’s stage (which was pretty awful and lead to many Laser-related deaths). It also reduces the difficulty in the Single-Player mode, for all the little bitches out there. If you haven’t played the game yet, use this update as an excuse to check it out! It is awesome, easily FPS of the year. Not to mention COMPLETELY FREE!

You can find a list of changes for Version 1b here.

The full list for the Halloween Update

It all looks pretty sweet

Minecraft Halloween Update

Notch is rolling out a gigantic update this All Hallow’s Eve for the enjoyment of all those who payed for a Minecraft Alpha account. Tons of new content, including Biomes, a Hell Dimension, fish, and more, is getting added to the game. That’s right. FISH. Your torches will no longer produce light infinitely, and will need to be re-lit, but to balance this lanterns are getting added, but will reportedly need materials from Hell to craft. Biomes will spice up any game significantly by adding tons of new randomly generated environment types to a single game, as opposed to each world only having one environment type.

By making portals with Obsidian blocks, you can travel to the Hell dimension, which will have lots of magma and fire, new and extremely dangerous baddies, and more. Also, if you build another portal in Hell that leads to the main dimension, it’ll act as a fast-travel system. Minecraft is getting bigger and better, so like I said last week, try it out at Minecraft.net for free, and if you dig it and want to see the new update stuff, buy it!

Fable II

Fable III may have been released this week, and we might be giving a copy away for free, but Fable II was also free as an Xbox Live Marketplace download about a week ago. If you were one of the lucky people who downloaded it before that deal ended (or one of the suckers who bought it at MSRP), then now is the perfect time to start that bad boy up! Because when you think Halloween, you think of farting in front of people until they like you. Seriously though, if you’ve been saving this game for a rainy day, today may just be that day.

Dwarf Fortress


This game is awesome, and has inspired fan art. Some is awesome, like this one. The others...we don't talk about the others.

Cave Story

On the Wii version of Cave Story, you’ll find that the main character has gotten a bit of a Halloween make-over. That’s right, he’s now Zombified/Demonic! It’s a small change, but a great reason to go back and revisit Cave Story, still one of the better Indie games ever made,* especially if you haven’t played since they updated the Wii version, which fixed a ton of bugs, including the broken music and sound.


So, as you can see, there are a TON of reasons to continue being a hateful, video game playing shut in this Halloween! Remember to buy candy and then withhold it from any children who may ring your doorbell looking for sugar! Or give out apples or pennies. Those are all equal offenses.

Disclaimer: Post author did not create any of the images used in this article; all rights reserved to their original creators.**

*Can you tell that I really like Indie games?

**Seriously. That Minecraft poster has been out for a while now. Why would I ever claim I made it? Pff.

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