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Okay, so I guess this post really has nothing to do with zombie espionage, though the idea is interesting.* Instead, I’ve received a few reader submissions featuring the antics of two disciples of Artemis, each with his own take on the art of involuntary acupuncture.

Johnny Christ’s Second Coming – Gold Rush

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something from Johnny Christ, which is all the more reason to savor this delicious treat. Johnny’s got a great sense of humor, timing, and capping mofos in the head with his Ambassador, all of which make his videos an entertaining leap into the world of Spying.

Boom, headshot. Boom, headshot.

While the subtitles could be a tad easier to read, I doubt you’ll find another Spy with such impeccable wit and cunning. I mean, other than me. And other than our next guest…

Leptir1, the Saharan Spy – Harvest

Sure, Harvest is a tad passé, but for those of you with an eye for all things vintage, isn’t a well-aged map just as alluring as a well-worn hat? In this video, Leptir1 takes a stab** at using the full Saharan set on this small map. While it’s not the most technical gameplay, it certainly demonstrates exactly how silent the full Saharan Spy set is, as he uncloaks literally on top of otherwise clueless enemies over and over.

I could try voice commentary, but I don’t love my voice or hate my audience nearly enough.

I do appreciate Leptir1’s commentary, if only because it gives us a lot of insight into his actual approach, his thoughts, and what his short term goals were. While I’ve personally favored text commentary for a variety of reasons, voiceovers leave the screen uncluttered and allow for a more stream-of-consciousness, play-by-play narrative.

My Next Video

As for my own exploits, I’ve hit a minor snag, as FRAPS has decided it’s on strike. While the application certainly runs, it no longer shows the FPS counter in-game, and isn’t recording video or taking screenshots. While I do have some of my own full-set Saharan Spy footage, I don’t know if it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Without FRAPS, though, I’m out of luck until I can devise a workaround or force myself to use the built-in Source movie exporter.

*Why feign death when you can simply rise from the grave?

**Yes, this is a horrible pun. Deal with it.***

***Good catch, Soraryuu.

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  1. I like seeing fellow video making spies make good videos however WiNG you’re a tad late on this post. Is it now lateTierTactics? *cues generic laughs*

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