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Dearest Internet denizens, I’d just like to take a minute and thank two fans for their recent donations to my assassination armory.

Under no circumstances should you send WiNGSPANTT any gifts, especially limited edition hats.

In my last Spy Lesson Video, I hinted at my Spy loadout being one Familiar Fez short of a full gadget kit. While I don’t judge the Saharan Spy set to be the end-all espionage solution, it certainly makes certain tactics that previously resulted in crit-wrenchings viable. While several members of my YouTube audience offered to lend/give me a Familiar Fez, Detry322 was the first to come through with the fashionable cap.

I’m currently working on using the full set in a video, though a few technological problems may delay that accomplishment for another week. I wanted to ensure Detry322 got credit before he thought I forgot about his noble deed.

More recently, a gaming pal named Munmen sent me a carefully-wrapped cadaverous cranium, AKA a Spine-Chilling Skull. While this item won’t directly put the hurt on contrarily-colored miscreants, it may just cause a few to Jarate their pants in terror. Additionally, Munmen donated a Pile of Gifts to the server directly afterwards!

Thanks Detry322 and Munmen for your kind gifts!
May the blessings of Artemis grant you blades sharp and true.

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  1. Only if I had something to please our overlord… I mean tyrant… I mean loving video creator/failspy of win to send to him.

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