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I don't know what the word "puntos" means, but rest assured if this man starts giving you his puntos, you're going to take it. Hard.

The United States has a pretty ambivalent relationship with its neighbor to the south. On one hand, they took our jerbs. On the other hand… fuckin’ fajitas. Sure, there’s a lot of drug war overflow on the border, but can’t it be excused in light of Jessica Alba and Caesar salad?*

Whatever your feelings toward Mexico are, there are thousands of reasons to love the little country that could. And more and more of those reasons are crossing into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona every day. And once in a rare while, one of these intrepid travelers just so happens to own face at video games.

That traveler is Jose el Mexicano.

And he noobs pwns every day.

For the twenty three people out there who are familiar with my work on Life in a Game, you probably recognize Jose as part of the regular cast of ScrewAttack, the Internet’s most wildly independent gaming community. While it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the quirky cast to claim that Jose’s a comedic mastermind, it would be fair to say he’s pretty damn good at any game that requires you to put bullets into people wearing uniforms that are differently-colored than yours. And it just so happens he’s inclined to share his tips, or puntos, with you!

For the most part, Jose focuses on the FPS flavor of the month: your CODS and Halos, etc. But if you check out his channel, you’ll find he has batches of playful gameplay tactics for everything from Pokémon to Uno. Yes, Uno.

Another Reversal? Dammit, Mom, now I know you’re hacking!

Typically, I would suggest the easiest way to achieve victory at Uno is to flash your genitalia at your opponents until they quit out of the game, granting you a de facto win. But I suppose applying some level of actual strategy is also acceptable.

Anyway, if you’re tired of getting your ass handed to you, and you’re not above asking for help, Jose’s Puntos are probably worth a perusal.

*That’s right: Caesar salad is named after a Mexican chef named Caesar, not after the famous Roman leader who was terrible at spy-checking.**

**Seriously, who the hell gets backstabbed 19 times in a row? What a noob.

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