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Note: This image only applies to you if your name is Status.

On behalf of the two people at Top Tier Tactics, we’d like to congratulate Status on winning a free copy of Fable 3.

Competing against dozens of qualifying entries, Status used dark magick to influence the Random.org number generator, granting him the win. Well played, you handsome rogue.

While Status’ ideas weren’t the most complicated, we certainly can’t say they wouldn’t be effective. After all, what better method of punishing the poor for their existence, than to force them to reflect on their disgusting visages with a mirror? And is there any method of stealing merchandise more certain than simply emptying a gun into the store manager’s face?

I think not.

Now, you could use this time to congratulate Status in the comment section. Or, you know, post hateful jealousy. It’s your call, really.

Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be more contests coming up in the near future (possibly for hats) so stay tuned!

Status will be e-mailed to confirm his eligibility and address. If he doesn’t respond within 5 business days, however, a new winner will be chosen.*

*While you could hope for this, the odds are still not in your favor.

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  1. Maybe if I enter enough of these contests I will win one? Hmmmm, maybe thats a bad idea. *thinks of past lottery tickets*

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