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What is it about Spy videos that makes them so alluring, both to watch and to make? The thrill of the hunt? The exhileration of the kill? The humilation and agony of defeat? I believe that, more so than with any other class, Spy is such an alienating and insulating experience that it’s easy to get caught up in one’s own ego and/or self-loathing while playing Spy for extended periods of time.

You start to resent your teammates for getting in the way of your plans. You alternate between blaming yourself and some cruel universal conspiracy for your failures. You give burnt offerings to the Goddess when you succeed, in thanks. You do the same when you fall short, asking to learn more.

All while the YouTube masses watch and bask in your glory. Or, at the very least, your chutzpah.

Two members of our brotherhood of assassins, ParanoidDrone and stabby stabby have recently completed espionage videos which I believe you’ll find are full of chutzpah. And lessons. And laughter.

ParanoidDrone vs. The World: PL Upward

ParanoidDrone has been a good Steam friend of mine for a while now, and a staunch student of the blade, the bullet, and the backstab. While his aim isn’t perfect, I’m always impressed by his Ambassador accuracy, as it seems to save him at just the right moment, 80% of the time. The other 20%? Hilarity.

This is Part 1/3. You can watch Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

But that’s not all! Keep reading to watch an impressive and educational montage by stabby stabby

Stabby Stabby: 1700 hours and counting

While I’m not normally a big fan of kill montages, stabby stabby contacted me saying this video was meant to celebrate his seventeen-hundredth hour playing Spy. While my Steam stats got borked a few times, I certainly have only amassed two-thirds of that playtime (as Spy anyway). And (stabby^2)’s skills definitely shine through. Pulling off stairstabs, sidestabs, shoulderstabs, cornerstabs… stabs I didn’t fucking know existed… all incredible.

Looking over the rest of (stabby)^2’s YouTube channel, it’s obvious he’s spent a lot of time practicing the craft of murdering and even purposely honed the ability to facestab at will.* My fedora goes off to you, Sir Stabby.

I have to admit, that Dead Ringer skin is pretty slick.

*Artemis permitting.

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  1. My god, your take on the allure of spy is dead on. Dead as a doorknob on.

    Thanks so much for the feature. Consider my ego stroked.

    • Just watched your video.. Maaaan that was just some sick stuff… I struggle to get those corner stabs (Or whatever its called when you wait for a person to walk by you then stab, They always notice me :( )
      And you pulled all of that off with seeming ease! Most Gentlemanly!

  2. Also, I love how the Google Ads on the right are displaying stuff about erasing your criminal record. I can only assume it finds the large number of references to stabbing, murder, and assassination disturbing.

  3. Hey, it’s me!

    I’m [Solid Snake] Lale. I kill Paranoid a few times in his videos.

    I was also said guy sitting right next to him at the time.

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