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Everyone knows me as Failspy Extraordinaire, but I thought I’d break the mold a bit and show the Team Fortress 2 community how to rock it as the world’s favorite rocket launcher, the Soldier.

While I don’t plan to main Soldier, I’m open to suggestion if anyone thinks I should stop making Spy videos, in favor of Solider ones. After all, they both start with S and end with murder.

FACT: Soldier has the highest skill ceiling of any class.

Continue past the break to see Part 2/2.

Friend Submission

Thanks Wergulz for showing your Soldier pride and covering up for my idiocy

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  1. I like the rant about the Sniper’s one hit kills just as your team is ravaging them with the Kritzkrieg.


    Channeling ElPresador, are we?

  2. Perfect. Stage 3 Dustbowl: (kind of) point at guys and they die.

    Keep using that voice, btw. You’ll land a gig on NPR…All Tactics Considered?

  3. It’s nice to see you can play other classes, and other class vids would be nice…
    ..But don’t stop your written failspy vids, They are my favourite of their kind!

  4. Lesson of the day of this video: Spam is your friend. Also if there is a medic -> thank him, he is credit to team.

    But jokes aside, awesome videos there, and yes I do agree that sometimes teams instead of organizing and being a balanced mass of classes, end up as the “Spamming brigade” (2-3 demos + 2-3 soldiers + maybe 1 medic (IF THERE ARE ANY) with a kritz).

    Also, great change of pace by using your voice, it was a well done commentary and I hope to see some more of this kind of commentaries in the future.

    P.S: Seems someone forgot to update the Community Tf2 hud… DUM DUM DUUUM :P

    Cheers, keep up the good work!

  5. WiNG reinstall your custom HUD to fix the recent glitch which makes the numbers VERY small, most recent version if you haven’t already btw.

  6. Spies are also a one-hit-kill class. What’s wrong with him whining about that?

    Plus, in real life, you may die from taking ONE bullet… so I don’t see the problem with snipers being able to kill with a head shot…

  7. This was a bizarre video. The first time I watched it I got bored. Like, “Man, this guy isn’t doing anything as a soldier like I would. I’m just gonna stop watching” It took me a long time to figure out this was a joke. Soldier is the most overpowered class. (Most likely. He did beat the Demoman after all rofl)

    When it comes to rocket jumping, I’ve spent a lot of time on jump maps. I rocket jump to hide and ambush on a ledge, I rocket jump to chase people, and I rocket jump to go faster. I also love the shotgun for finishing people off. I just need to practice my aim for air shots.

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