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I can’t say too much about this video before hand, since I got most of this footage from Wikileaks. Turns out the entire stage of international diplomacy is on the brink of collapse, with French counterintelligence forces making efforts to sabotage rail systems in the American Midwest. I don’t envy the man in Washington who has to weather this shitstorm.

All jokes aside, thanks to Shadesnow for submitting this footage. Hightower is definitely an interesting map to play as Spy, with a mix of elevations, entry/exit points, and payload distractions. And while he suffers more than a few setbacks, he keeps the objective in mind and helps his team secure victory.

It’s not the size of the knife; it’s the precise nature of severing one’s spinal chord.

I think one problem Shadesnow encounters that’s very common for Spies on this map is that all too often an enemy flanks you in the middle of a perfect stab setup. Given the generally open nature of the map, I can’t say it’s usually the Spy’s fault. All I can do is encourage people to keep watching the scoreboard respawn timers and pay attention to the footsteps reverberating in their Seinheiser headphones.*

*Seinheiser, please make all checks payable to WiNGSPANTT.

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  1. Was some very nice tactics, and found the combonation of Ambassador, cloak and dagger AND your eternal reward very odd.. (Personally, I like to be able to check my enemies Hp before shooting with Ambassador, so disguises help me with that)

    Its also nice to see someone else fall foul of the ‘Karma Soldier’

    • Karma karma karma karma karma soldier.
      You crit rocket. You crit rocket.

      More seriously, that’s a damn good point about the Ambassador & YER.

  2. I’ve always found the C&D + YER combo to be highly rewarding but almost entirely unused on servers. It’s nice to see that someone does actually use that combo once-in-a-while.

  3. Triple slot vanilla ALL THE WAY
    So pr0
    Triple slot vanilla all the way
    Bam Bam Bam
    It is sooo intense…
    That’s my favorite loading in song form… I never get killed by karma soldier, in my recent SPY LESSON FASTLANE I survived some close encounters.

  4. Forget to mention nice footage :D
    I don’t care much for visual quality but my pet peeve are low framerate videos. Glad to see the spy community expanding!

    • How do you upload your vids THEspy? They look amazing. With this vid I mad the demo, then taped using fraps, and finished with windows movie maker. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

  5. Pretty good, funny enough.

    Stopped to comment midway because… that headshot that a better spy would of hit, that he thought he missed?

    He hit it >.> Listen closely.

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