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So during a recent raid, I ended up having to leave early due to some comments I made about my guild leader’s leading style. I may have also said some less than savory things about his mother, father, wife, children, uncle, great aunt, and especially his third cousin. So long story short, I am without a guild. So I am taking this opportunity to start up the official Top Tier Tactics WoW guild.

Why should you join, you might ask? Well, you will look forward to raiding twice a week in a laid back environment. You will get to play with a group of people who don’t give a rat’s ass about your gear score. If you suck, you will be with a group of people who will help you to suck less. Most importantly, you will get to play with an amazing roster such as Jeroda, the aboslutely amazing mage of 5 years (me), Kelranna, the fucking awesome hunter who just hit 80 (myself), and the nameless worgen druid who hasn’t been made yet (I)… And nobody else, yet. That’s where you come in.

So here’s how this is going to work. This is going to be an Alliance guild, with the server to be decided. Everyone who is interested, post your server in the comments. If there’s a bunch of you already on the same server, I will transfer over and we will start the guild there. Otherwise, the server is going to be on Eldre’Thalas (US-A). I will make the decision on the server on Dec 7, the day that Cataclysm drops. We’ll be raiding Monday and Wednesday nights starting at 7:00 PM EST. We will also do a third run during the day on Saturday or Sunday if there’s enough people who look to run it.

All other policies such as attendance, loot, and all that good stuff will be decided later. My key philosophy here is that the needs of the guild will be coming before anything else. You won’t see me forcing us to wipe on Professor Putricide all night because I won’t let anyone else be the abomination because I need my Shadowmourne quest. No, this is a guild where progression and an especially fun environment are key. So I hope you’ll join us in our endeavors.

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      • 50/50? Didn’t know bout that. And Worgen looks so cool that everyone will be deleting their 80s to make one, so it probably will increase Ally numbers! Assuming that Worgen>Goblin ofc.

  1. I’m already a member of a small, but very fun, Alliance guild, otherwise I’d take you up on your offer. I wish you luck!

  2. I’m on Frostwolf…although I’ll probably make a new worgen character and join regardless of the server. Make it PvP though.

  3. Well, isn’t this convenient…

    My girlfriend and I are just getting into WoW (I actually played during patch 1.4, if you can believe it, but life got in the way for a while and I never really went back).

    Unfortunately we only have one computer that can run WoW that we can consistently access, but we’re beefing up an old server over the Christmas break, and we’d love to join!

    I’m on Doomhammer, but my highest level character is 32, so I have no qualms changing to any other realm.

    Now that the cross-faction character ban on PvP servers has been lifted, I don’t really have a preference for type.

    Hell, I’d even play RP.

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