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Say goodbye to 2 weeks of your life!

Congratulations to Snes [Ref] for winning the latest Starcraft 2 Guest Past giveaway! Why did Snes want to try out this game? In his own words, “I want this code because I’m spending too much time being productive.”

Considering his Steam Rating is 9.3, I can’t say his argument holds weight. But alas, my random number generator justice is blind. Thanks to everyone who entered, and check in for more contests for mediocre prizes in the weeks to come!

On another note, I’m a bit swamped lately, so I apologize for any slowdown on the site. Hopefully you’ve used your free time to visit religiously and buy things from the sponsored advertisers. You know, or you’ve been e-mailing me interesting videos and articles for Tactical Tuesdays and Thursday submissions. Either one.

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  1. Yay my only reason to live flew away.
    Excuse me, but now I’m going to kill myself in the kitchen and stream to 4chan.

  2. By the way, just noticed: “Say goodbye to 2 weeks of your life!”. Nope, because the guest passes are of 7 hours maximum, 14 is just the amount of days you have max. to have played these 7 hours.

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