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Thanks to DeltaT1ger for this great idea!

While the other writers and I spend most of our time owning everything that moves in the virtual arena, we spend an equal amount of our time kicking real-life ass and taking a suitable number of names. In most cases, the ass-to-name ratio is equal, though often the amount of ass kicked is so great, no amount of names can compare.
We’re that good at life.

“WiNG, what’s this got to do with me?” you say, as you sit in a chair that (not too surprsingly) is not comprised of Lifetime Achievement Trophies. The simple fact of the matter is: you need help. The less obvious fact of the matter?
We are prepared to help you.

I know it sounds too good to be true. But I’m sure even the most put-together person has a few problems they’ve yet to solve on their own. Have you recently burned a soufflé? Or perhaps you’ve lost your job, and must now choose between prostitution and drug dealing? Or maybe you’ve decided to take up a new hobby… and you’re atrocious at it?

Every week Top Tier Tips will bring you the answers to your biggest lifestyle questions.
Just let us know your problem and we’ll answer reader submissions every week. You know, assuming people actually send in questions.

Hint, hint.

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  1. Interesting. Time to make up – err… send some real life problems to be solved. Because real life (unfortunately) doesn’t have an instructions book.

  2. I sent in my cry for help.

    I expect full personal improvement in sixty days or my money back.

    Don’t let us down, WiNG.

  3. how do i get some aim if tr_walkway won’t work with my tf2 and i get more points meleeing as heavy against a good team than sniping against noobs? (lololol actual question)

    if this should be posted, i owned your mail request.

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