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Welcome to the purple haze, boys.

Dear Top Tier Tactics readers,

The esteemed editor of this blog, WiNGSPANTT, was nice enough to post one of my earlier multiplayer articles back in August, and then wrote another post inquiring as to where I was and how much the ransom might be. First, let me assure you that the ransom need not be payed, but that it was not quite as large as the whole of Valve’s net worth. As to who the kidnapper was, I can only say that men in white coats were involved. I am, however, back, and I hope to bring you more of my fine ranting expert strategic analysis to Top Tier Tactics, starting with a look at Battlefield Bad Company 2‘s latest and biggest DLC, the Vietnam mod pack.

A while back, I made a series of posts about Battlefield Bad Company 2. I tried to analyze the game as it stood then, and I know a lot’s changed, but I’m not going to visit the main game with the whole of Vietnam fresh-faced and ready to be broken down to its minutiae (plus, I’m lazy). What I want to propose is something fairly involved…

I plan to play the living shazbot out of Vietnam in the coming days, and when DenKirson, the man behind the stats, gets Vietnam’s source code, I’ll pull the data and analyze them in the context of the game. If it pleases the community, I’d also like to talk about the overall metagame in each of the maps, or at least the Rush ones. I’ll provide weapon reviews like I did on my personal blog, and I’ll weigh the strengths of each as I see them.

As a student, this holiday break will allow me more time than during the semester to do this kind of work, so come mid January, so I might disappear a little bit again, though Mr. TT, Serge, Rabid Ferret and Binerexis will continue in my wake. I might continue posting to my blog about random stuff, but I think this, my work at Nevermet Press, my own gaming time* and my school work stretches my limits to their breaking point, so Xiant’s thoughts might, once again, lay fallow for a time.

Let us not think of such dreadful things, however! We should look to the future, to Vietnam (no wait, that’s the past. *$%& it, we’ll do it live!) Onward then, fair steed, to the rice paddies!

*See, kids? Gaming destroys your life. ~WiNG

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