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  1. chiropractic?

    I always freak out when I see that you posted an AC or SSF(You should make a Cody video, he is so… Cody!) video :3 They r so cool

  2. Defence Phase 1 – Smoke Bomb
    Offense Phase 1 – Disguise

    Defence Phase 2 – Smoke Bomb
    Offense Phase 2 – Morph

    Defence Phase 2 – Bash
    Offense Phase 2 – Poison
    (Morph is replace by Blend Perk)

    The Offensive skills will help you blend to get the most kill points, never run, only fast walk, only join moving groups that contain 1 or more of your character.
    The Defensive skills will get you extra points, since you are blended you will almost always get the jump on your attacker with Smoke and Bash. You must use Smoke early. You must aim your bash.

    A silent Poison is worth over 1200 points when done right. And worth 2400 if you use logic to take advantage of x2 Loss streak Perk… kill 3 civilians at the start of a round. Don’t forget to blend and stun also.

    See you there.

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