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  1. I noticed that the you linked the fourth video first and the third video as the second.
    Gotta love the tags of the depressed one.

  2. Me – “Lauren, sweety…. remember how your mommy said never to trust Spanish ninjas?”

    Lauren – “.. yeah..?”

    Me – “She should have listened to her own advice….”

    Lauren – “W-What happened to mommy!?”

    Me – “Oh nothing much… she’s just Crimson Viper..”

    Lauren – “You’re right! She’s ok, she’s very strong!”

    Me – “No I mean… she’s LITERALY CRIMSON Viper… as in a pool of her own blood.. Damn if you saw the walls, that spanish ninja did a picasso on the lab!! *laughs*”

    Lauren – *shocked tears*

    Me – “Er… I mean… yeah…. *cough* Hang in there kiddo.”

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