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Back in my Life in a Game days, I had the pleasure to meet Mike of Saturnine Games. They’ve recently released Antipole, a gravity-bending platformer, for Xbox Live Indie Games. By no means an extensive review, I thought I’d show some of the gameplay and just how terrible I am at platformers.

Head past the break to see the official Antipole trailer from Saturnine Games.

Antipole Official Gameplay Trailer

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  1. This looks like a very good game, props to you for repping indie developers.

    On another note, given your obvious aptitude for platforming games, why don’t you give us a Let’s Play of Super Meat Boy? ;)

  2. I’m surprised your Xbox survived this bout. The curve on this game looks massive, if those were just the two first levels. I laughed out at work when you spend things up, and tried that level again and again and again. Great!

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