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  1. The places I tend to frequent have a shocking tendency to leave the second door locked, for reasons beyond my comprehension.

    What do?

  2. WiNG, that’s very Irish and ungentlemanly of you.

    You had the first part right, open the other door. But once the door is open, proceed to take cover behind the door and leave it open. Thus allowing the person outside to be greeted indoors like a king, and leaving you in many possibilities open at that point.

    For example, what if the person entering is your contract target? That’s +200 right there for incognito and +100 for being in low profile. Or what if that person was actually a pyro? You avoid bumping into them and bursting into flames!

      • The wisest man I know once passed down to his sons this secret. It takes much training, but a gentlemen should never “Pass Gas” in public. To do so would be unkempt and very rude to anyone in the vicinity, including any madams or dignitaries.

        Rather, it was passed down that one must proceed to “release” said buildup only when can rely on outside forces; (Such as the wind, background noises, and/or strange sounds of heavy breathing from behind you.) When done properly, you will be able to discreetly free yourself from temporary uncomfort, allowing the wind to blow the gas away, noises to distract patrons from questioning if the fumes where created by a fellow gentleman, and muting said hunters in their steps, buying you time to leave the vicinity unnoticed like a silent gassy assassin.

  3. It all makes perfect sense now! All these years Ive been doing it the wrong way,but now my eyes have been opened.

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