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Binerexis and I have worked together in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood to bring you some team-inspired Alliance Mode fun. While these videos won’t be new to you if you’ve subscribed to my channel, they’re such masterpieces they deserve to be watched again and again.

Alliance Video 1 – Commentary by WiNG

Hit the break to see the second video, commentated by WiNG and Binerexis.

Alliance Video 2 – Commentary by WiNG and Binerexis

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    • I haven’t played that much Advanced Wanted to really say if this is true or not but, according to the game selection, it matches you up against more difficult targets. I think in normal Wanted you’re assigned targets pretty close to your current place but in Advanced you could be assigned to kill the guy in 2nd whilst you’re 5th, for example.

    • I think yes, it places you against higher ranked players, but the main gameplay difference is that in Advanced (any mode), the radar no longer tells you if your target is higher or lower than you. So you could be right on top of your target (literally) and not know, because he/she is in the basement below you.

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