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Well, it happened again, and it was only a matter of time. Team Fortress 2’s premier Spy, Stabby Stabby, produced what can only be considered a god-like run on Badwater Basin. While I’ve achieved similar success before, I can’t say that I’ve done it in one life, or with so much style.

From perfectly-timed stair stabs to leaping fake-outs to teleporter-based massacres, Stabby^2 demonstrates a wide variety of extremely advanced espionage tactics. Is it the mouse? Is it the monitor? Is he just a natural born killer?

Continue reading to see the video and decide for yourself!

Stabby Stabby lives up to his name

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  1. Holy shit

    Stabby you really need to make more videos like this. I devoured every single one you had on your channel.

    Also – do you recommend the ambassador? I used to utilize that thing alot and I got pretty handy with it, but I found good ol’ revolver (or l’etrange) to be more useful. (Maybe I’m just lazy . . .)

  2. I am humbled at your greatness, better yet I had played with you on a server, Stabby and you never come across cocky. You inspire me to want to be a better spy.

  3. You fully utilized the dead ringer in every means possible, and your movements were as exquisite as a chess checkmate. Kudoes to your corporal espionage.

  4. Thanks so much for the feature and the kind words, WiNG and company. I’m honored.

    Loathable Imposter: it’s a harsh mistress, but the amby is worth it, in my opinion. I find that when I use l’et or the revolver, any head over 50 yards away appears to be taunting me.

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