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It was only a matter of time. Someone was going to do it sooner or later. After all, the Wii isn’t “just for kids,” right? Well if you’ve ever been on a double date* and thought “Hmm, this really could use some more spanking and sexy creepy uses of the Wiimote, your dream has just come true, thanks to We Dare by Ubisoft…


And in case you’re wondering, no this isn’t fake. Count down until parents start asking us if this game is appropriate for their 8 year old kid…**

Update: It appears this will not be getting released in the USA. And Ubisoft is going out of their way to block their videos in the US. At the very least, we have the Dead Island remix.


*Who am I kidding? Nobody reading this is going on dates.
**Actually, this game is rated 12+. Somehow. ~WiNG

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  1. Some friends of mine linked me to that video last night and asked me to do an article on it but I’ve been beaten to the punch. What’s disturbing is that it’s a 12+ rated game but I can’t see adults or kids playing this game at all.

  2. I find it incredibly amusing how the commercial seems to imply that the women did better when paired up than any other combination.

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