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You're waiting for a minecart, a minecart that will take you far away...

Assuming you don’t suffer from amnesia or cranial hemorrhaging, you might remember Murray Chu, who brought us his Nintendo 3DS hands-on impressions last week. This time, Murray returns with Escapecraft 3, a Minecraft mod he’s helped create that challenges you to use your wits to get the fuck outta Blocktown, USA.

“You plummet through icy water, until you hit a smooth metallic surface. You gasp for air, and as your eyes adjust you see a long corridor. Beneath your fingers you feel the familiar fabric of a test-subject’s jumpsuit, and know the number on yours reads ‘1090.’

Its time to get out of here.”

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Escapecraft is a Minecraft adventure map of the escape-the-room variety, similar to Portal. Players will need to navigate platforming and puzzle sequences, picking up tools along the way to ultimately help them reach the end goal: escape.

The first game in the Escapecraft series came out last fall and was the forerunner in Minecraft adventure games, catapulting the maps and mods community into a brand new way to enjoy Minecraft with an excellent story and innovative level design. The third installment in the series was released just last week and brings a high amount of polish that is sure to impress.

Download Escapecraft and start your escape today. You will need Minecraft in order to play this game (simply download the file into your save folder and then run it from the launcher).

Escapecraft 3 Trailer

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  1. Wonderful! just make it more of a puzzle than a fighting, so NO SPAWNERS! i get the puzzles, but the spawners are just ANNOYING.

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