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What? Nine thousand?!

Yesterday, Binerexis and I had the opportunity to put our skills to the test not only in front of dozens of Xbox Live strangers, but also in front of a live audience at LiveStream.com. Behind a barrage of heckling, taunting, and an uncomfortable amount of praying, two top tier titans squared off to find out who would triumph.

In the end, I did manage to take the gold medal, finishing the two-hour marathon session with a lead of 13,360 points. But the real winner was wasn’t me; it was one lucky reader who insisted on keeping a sad meme alive, wagering I’d secure victory with a lead of over 9,000 points.

At this point, 99% of you realize you’ve lost, but if you weren’t able to join in on the stream, head past the break to congratulate the real winner and watch archived footage of our high score duel, with guest commentary by Serge T3 and Xiant.

Congratulations to Ninjalemon

With other 250 entries, the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood contest was one of the most popular promotions on the site since Golden Wrenches fell from the sky and into my lap. Unfortunately for most gaming gamblers, the vast majority of entries predicted extremely close games; most comments expected the outcome to fall well within 1,200 points on either side.

Ninjalemon boldly proclaimed I’d win by “over 9,000 points.” While I was flattered, I didn’t think it would come to that. But, to be fair, another commenter named “Joe” had predicted Binerexis would win by the same lead. And though some other entries did foretell a landslide victory, over 50 contest entries were found to originate from the same IP address, instantly disqualifying them and marking them as key targets for the site’s terrible, unforgiving malware.

Ninjalemon will have his choice of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood version for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or the Steam Digital Deluxe package. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered and watched live

Of course, this fun little experiment wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of hundreds of Top Tier Tactics readers like you. Thanks for voting, for watching the stream, and for keeping us company during our technical difficulties and long-winded diatribes. With your help, we were able to establish that while America is clearly the greatest country on Earth, the United Kingdom isn’t that bad (barring Wales).

Didn’t get a chance to watch the big game as events unfolded?

You can still watch the stream archive by visiting the Top Tier Tactics LiveStream channel.

Thanks to Binerexis, Serge T3, and Xiant

I hope that by now, everyone understands I’m not actually a complete asshole, and that all jarring jabs are meant only as jests. Binerexis put up a great fight with even greater banter. I know he was at a slight disadvantage, both in-game and in real life as he powered through illness to compete. We will cross swords on the field of battle again, whether it’s in Brotherhood, Bomberman, or another game.

While I take a second to thank Serge and Xiant for their help, I’d also like to ask: what other kinds of streaming events would you like to see the Top Tier Tactics staff try? Serge T3 vs me in Super Street Fighter 4 or Starcraft 2? Everyone vs everyone in Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch? Should we set up a Minecraft server or a country in the land of Farmville? Let us know!

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  1. I think the general assumption was that you’d only be playing one normal-length game, not a whole host of them. You really can’t expect people to predict the outcome of an unknown number of games.

    • Sorry about any confusion. I did try to lay out from the get-go that it was 2 hours of playing. I didn’t want to specify a number of games since it’s sometimes hard to get into games. That said, I thought it was just as likely to end really close as it was to be more lopsided.

    • To be fair, not even we could predict it accurately. Like I said in the stream, last week I went from a 160 point loss to a 7500 point lead after one match; it really was a gamble.

  2. Thanks a lot for the stream guys. I really enjoyed it. Dunno about future streams though. I’m sure whatever you guys do it would be gold.

  3. You should do a rematch, first of all. Then – You, Bin and some of us…the fans, could have a mini tournament! ACB all the way, of course.

  4. Serge – “Binerection, what does the Viking Scouter say about it’s Wingpants!?”
    Bin – “IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!! *vahalla punches the scouter into pieces*”

    Again awesome stream you guys, looking forward to more things like these from your part ^^

  5. I feel as if I should pray to Artemis because my random ‘over 9000’ guess in WiNG’s favor was totally random, and I was hoping it would get a few laughs, but I guess it also won me a free ACB game. Thanks TTT :D

  6. thank you Wingpanties and Binerection(The Weak Viking) for playing ACB live on stream and thanks to Serget3 and Xiant for giving us company in battle i hope Top Tier Tactics will do more things like this event becouse i reallly enjoyed watching it and YOU GUYS SHOULD PLAY POKEMON…

  7. Do a Macht of “Battle for Wesnoth”! There is very much strategy in there…and you could make this game a bit more popular…

  8. ._. hundreds of viewers?

    I remember it maxed out at 51. Trying to ‘enlarge’ things, are we?

    • It’s worth mentioning that the most we had at one time was around 53 but a number of people left and joined at random points. I wouldn’t be surprised if we exposed around 60 people to our madness that night and that doesn’t count those watching the archived videos.

  9. “without the participation of hundreds of Top Tier Tactics readers like you”

    He didn’t say hundreds viewed the stream all at once, said hundreds participated (Which I would assume includes viewing the stream or guessing a winner, and there were well over 200 comments on predictions of the winner)

  10. Lot of fun guys! Only got to watch the first 45 minutes or so, but watched some of the recordings afterwards. Would be fun to get a group game going sometime.

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