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In my most recent attempt at a Spy Lesson Video, I had a few technical issues that resulted in a video without allies, enemies, or the laws of gravity. While I worked behind the scenes to correct this issue, I polled readers like you for input on the medium of the commentary. Should it be text? Voiced Audio? Music?

The resounding fan favorite was voiced audio, though a lot of people requested that I find a way to include music. A few people preferred text. What resulted is a blend of all three in parts proportional to the requests, with a pinch of pop culture thrown in. Please head past the break to view the results, but be warned: I will not be held responsible for any ill effects incurred by your watching this video.

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  1. Nice! Damn, with all the self-abusing fails you do in your videos, I forgot you’re actually a really good spy :P

  2. WING !! … That was “BEYOND AWSOMENESS” and you earned my !!!!!”GOLDEN RABBIT”!!!!! award.
    (. .)
    c(“)(“) :) (THAT WAS F*CKING AWESOME JOB BTW SRSLY and The Rabbit is Sitting)

    Keep Up the GOOD WORK!!!

  3. You reminded me of Tobuscus channel on youtube. Y’know, the literal trailers? IF ANYONE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, CHECK IT OUT. HILARIOUS. Anyway, it’s great!! (says what remains of my mind).

  4. I am actually obsessed with this. I take back (almost) everything bad I said about your singing. This song is MUCH better than the original! I just can’t stop myself replaying it…

  5. Sorry for the triple post (no edit button) but is anyone else somehow reminded of JB whilst listening? Curious to find out.

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