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Johnny Christ, failspy extraordinaire, recently contacted me with his take on recording his own Failspy Adventures. I think the general video style definitely shows some creative influence from yours truly.

Note: Circular saws + Dead Ringer = hilarity.

The choice of Dead Ringer for a watch on this map is interesting. On one hand, there are certainly a lot of narrow corridors and sharp corners that make its use viable. On the other hand, the map is fairly small, meaning decloaking will almost always leave you in earshot of an enemy.

As for actual tactics, I think JC did a good job of pointing out his successes and failures. Overall, he was a bit far from the frontlines for much of the battle, though I can’t claim that isn’t one of my own weaknesses. As long as he continues to learn, practice, and make videos, the TF2 Spying community will certainly benefit. What do you think?

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  1. Good. We need more active *failspies. Me? I do a mix of a commentary inspired by you, but like OMFGNINJA only have one life per video. Its best to have a varied spy community with different video styles and loadouts. Nice to see him use DR. (I can’t use DR for shit) Overall great vid. My only complaint is franerate could be better.

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