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As you could probably tell from the advertisement in the northeast corner of the site, Top Tier Tactics is joining the QubeTubers Minecraft Marathon Child’s Play Charity event! While we’re not going to be torturing ourselves with the 48-hour marathon (we’re not masochists, mind you), we will be hosting a live stream on QubeTubers at 6PM EST* today: Saturday, March 26th 2011. Watch along at QubeTubers.com, or here.** Head past the break for additional details.

While you can certainly make a donation of any amount you’d like via the event’s ChipIn widget, you can also participate in the virtual auction, where you’ll have a chance to bid on buildings, statues, and gigantic penises constructed by the T3 staff and by other event guests.  Visit the Minecraft forum post for additional auction details.

Have an idea for an item you’d like us to make? Perhaps a gigantic golden wrench? A full-size 1:1 replica of Mt. Saint Michel? A statue paying tribute to Binerexis’ beard? I can’t promise anything, but if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

As for the turnout, nearly the entire Top Tier Tactics staff will be present on the stream! Writers participating (subject to change):

  • Rabid Ferret
  • Binerexis
  • Serge T3
  • Space Hamlet

*EST = GMT – 5:00
**Stream to be added at beginning of event.

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  1. You made some pretty good suggestions there.
    I’d go with giant penises and and a tribute to the epic beard.
    Wait, what if we combine that?

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