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While Fallout didn't invent the concept of perks, it certainly made them fun.

In Parts 1, 2, and 3 of our Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer guide, we looked at every friggin’ skill in the game, from the lowly (and terrible) Sprint Boost to the oh-so-tantalizing Poison. With all the game’s abilities covered, there still remain two more aspects of each player’s loadout that should be taken into consideration: Perks and Streaks.

Just as with abilities, so too can players equip two of each category within Perks and Streaks. Perks offer passive or situational abilities, while Streaks grant bonuses if a player is doing particularly well or poorly. While these loadout choices aren’t as important to your overall strategy as abilities are, they can create major advantages in many situations.

Let’s see what kind of mayhem we can get ourselves into.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Perks

Enhanced Autobash
Level 20

If you haven’t noticed by now, none of the personas in Brotherhood happen to be a steamroller. While you can run and push your way through civilians with some success, your character will lose balance and fall to the ground if you attempt to earn a strike while playing peon bowling. Enhanced Autobash increases the number of pedestrians you can slam into before tripping by two, increasing your odds of escaping or closing distance to a target in a big crowd.

The Verdict: While it’s not completely useless, in most situations running straight through civilians (bashing or otherwise) will usually slow you down so much your pursuer will catch you anyway, especially since you’re effectively plowing the field clear of obstacles for him or her by doing so. Generally speaking, almost any Perk is better than Enhanced Autobash.

Wall Runner
Level 22

No, Wall Runner doesn’t grant you sweet Mirror’s Edge-esque gravity-defying abilities. Instead, it lets you climb walls faster, scurrying up to gripping spots and roofs more quickly than other players. Once on the wall, you won’t climb any faster; Wall Runner only ensures you’re the first person to reach the three meter mark from the ground.

The Verdict: Wall Runner is useful in any situation calling for a lot of time on the roof, since you’ll reach the top sooner for either pursuit or evasion purposes. Additionally, it can allow you to escape close pursuers, since it’s one of the only ways for you to outrun them, all other things equal.

Level 27

When your quarry is onto you and finds an opportunity to knock you out cold, you’re typically grounded for five seconds before coming to your feet (and your senses). With Resistance, that time is reduced by 40%, down to three seconds sleeping on the pavement. While it’s not a huge amount, it can cause your enemies to remain vulnerable if they were planning to be safe for a few more moments in the vicinity.

The Verdict: Resistance is generally only good while on Offense in Manhunt, Chest Capture, and Escort, since it is much more likely you will get stunned while on the hunting team. In free-for-all matches like Wanted, getting up sooner will rarely save you from your killer. Do keep in mind that in many cases, being stunned is a prelude to being stunned again, and Resistance doesn’t prevent such infuriating circumstances.

Level 30

Whilst blending into an NPC group with this Perk equipped, one random NPC will automatically change to match your persona, assuming there wasn’t already a twin present to begin with. If you blend into a new group, the other NPC will revert as you perform your Agent Smith magic on another hapless victim.

The Verdict: Blender is one of the most powerful Perks in the game because, in many cases, it renders several abilities obsolete. For instance, why use Morph when you can guarantee that every NPC group will have a copy of you? Mixed with Disguise, Blender can turn any random NPC into bait for your killers. That said, Blender isn’t always a given. It does produce a conspicuous animation, so keen-eyed killers will notice shapeshifting CPUs and aim for you instead. Additionally, Blender has little value when you’re on Offense in Manhunt or in Assassinate, where your persona doesn’t even matter. Use Blender often in defensive loadouts, but be careful not to activate it in plain sight.

Fast Getaway
Level 33

When your assassin initiates a chase, Fast Getaway decreases the time required for the chase to end by 25%. In other words, if you can break line of sight or blend into a group to elude your pursuer, you won’t have to stay hidden for as long in order to win the escape bonus.

The Verdict: Fast Getaway is good at what it does, but because it relies completely on your opponent’s decision to chase you, it’s not a reliable perk. While you could spend every match trying to lure a chase in the hopes of making a quick escape, it’s just as likely your killer will respond to your shenanigans by putting a bullet into your back. Outrun that.

Chase Expert
Level 38

Not quite the opposite of Fast Getaway, Chase Expert grants you a 15% speed boost while you’re the aggressor in a chase. This ability basically kicks in when you go into high profile mode with LOS on your enemy, allowing you to swiftly render them dead.

The Verdict: Unlike Fast Getaway, Chase Expert relies on your playstyle instead of your opponent’s. For that reason, it can be incredibly useful if you’re the kind of person who likes frequent, high profile kills, or if you just find your targets are fond of running from you constantly. Also note that in Escort (and possibly other modes), the bodyguard team will always benefit from Chase Expert, since you don’t receive contracts on the team taking out the VIP. And since you don’t get silent/discreet bonuses on defense anyway, you don’t lose any points by sprinting at your suspects constantly. That’s very good for you, and very bad for them.

Overall Cooldowns
Level 40

Both of your skills cool down 10 seconds faster.

The Verdict: This is the best perk in the game, hands down, which is why there’s no real need for explanation before the verdict. No matter what loadout you’re using, it will always be useful to have access to your skills more frequently. It makes the long-cooldown skills like Mute and Templar Vision more bearable, while making the short cooldown skills like Firecrackers hilarious. And since Overall Cooldowns stacks with the Rapid Reload version of each ability (another 10 seconds off of skill cooldown), that’s 20 seconds off every clock! For instance, you can use Rapid Reload Decoy almost constantly! The only reason I could possibly imagine you’d want to avoid Overall Cooldowns is if you are attempting to complete the challenge of placing first without using any abilities, in which case you wouldn’t benefit from improving them.

Silent Hunt
Level 42

If you haven’t noticed by now, the discretion bar by your contract’s pretty face gives you a guideline to how much indiscretion you can get away with before your target is warned or before a chase ensues. Silent Hunt slows the rate at which this bar drains, meaning you’ll be awarded Silent and Discreet bonuses more frequently, even if you jogged over to your opponent while chokeslamming him or her to the ground.

The Verdict: Silent Hunt can be useful with skittish targets or players who like to run to rooftops, since it’s nearly impossible to reach them without sending yourself into high profile. It can also punish players who are trying to lure you into a chase. Overall, it’s a strong perk to choose when your marks are particularly hard-to-get.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Streaks

Streaks are much simpler than Perks, so let’s just review them quickly. Each player can equip one Kill Streak and one Loss Streak bonus at any given time. Kill Streaks are point bonuses awarded to players for taking out a certain number of targets in a row without dying; Loss Streak bonuses are passive abilities or other boosts intended to help a struggling player catch up to his or her opponents. For the most part, Streaks do not benefit players on defense in Manhunt, Chest Capture, etc. since they cannot kill players and they cannot lose contracts.

Kill Streaks

  • Streak Bonus +100: Awarded for killing three people in any manner, this bonus is paltry but always easy to complete. In most instances, however, other Win Streaks will be more profitable, as long as you can meet their conditions.
  • Streak Bonus +250: Awarded for killing five players in any manner, it’s harder to get than the +100 bonus, but grants 50 points per kill instead of 33.* In general, +250 is a good Kill Streak for offensive builds, for fighting roof runners, or for Escort Mode while protecting the VIP.
  • Streak Bonus +300: Awarded for killing three suckers while Silent (or Incognito), this bonus doubles the value of your kills if you can make them stealthily. In general, I recommend this Kill Streak for cautious, patient play. It’s easily doable and can add thousands of points to your score every game if played right.
  • Streak Bonus +750: Murder five people stealthily and you’ll be awarded 750 bonus points! Though this Kill Streak offers the greatest per-kill bonus, it’s also exceedingly hard to accomplish. In Wanted, Assassinate, and Alliance, odds are you will be taken out before filling five body bags. In Manhunt, Chest Capture, and Escort, you will rarely have the opportunity to remain Incognito while also being effective. Stick with the  +250 or +300 bonuses instead.

Loss Streaks

  • Extra Precision: After losing three contracts, your radar will become more accurate until you get another kill. This streak is terrible, and I don’t even believe it works in Assassinate (where it might be more useful). Avoid this like the plague; even if you’re bad at picking your target in a crowd, other methods like Templar Vision or Charge work much more reliably.
  • Reset Cooldowns: Also enabled when losing three contracts, your abilities are instantly reset and available. Losing three contracts is fairly common in modes like Wanted, and having your skills available again can definitely make a comeback possible, so this one’s highly recommended.
  • Score x2: Having a bad day? Have you lost five contracts in a row? Equip this Loss Streak and your next kill will be worth double its normal point value. This streak also double bonuses, meaning it’s not unheard of to score over 2,000 points in one well-planned kill with this power active. Obviously the downside is huge, since you have to be doing terribly for it to work, but in most games, Score x2 is an excellent failsafe to ensure even at your worst, you have a chance to take place on the pedestal.
  • Boost Cooldowns: I’m not sure exactly why this skill exists, since it seems to be a worse version of Reset Cooldowns with a more difficult parameter. After you’ve lost five contracts, your abilities will have their cooldowns reduced by a third until you get another kill. My contention is that in almost every situation, having cooldowns available immediately (and at three contract losses) is much better. The only reason you’d want to keep cooldowns low indefinitely would be an odd loadout designed to get stun or lure bonuses instead of kills! While I’ve yet to try such an absurd build, I can’t imagine it’s particularly effective.


*I am aware that this should technically include a fraction or a repeating decimal. Go back to school, nerd.

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  1. Resistance helps me out quite a bit, especially in Assassinate, since it doesn’t allow my killer to get a focus kill if they stun me. Also, if you get stunned on a slanted roof, can your body fall off? I once stunned a dude on a roof and I couldn’t get the focus kill since his body started slipping off the edge.

  2. cool i love assasins creed brotherhood but i dont have x box live so it kind of sucks so i just watch viodies and yours is my fav go wing

  3. thanks i know assasins creed brother hood is awesome but i dont have x box live so i kind of sucks. so i watch vidieos and u r awesome u r a god go WINGSPANTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Finally got to Lv20 on the Xbox360 version, Thanks for getting me into this game Wing with the awesome videos! I still feel somewhat underpowered compared to the Lv50 guys, but I was amazed at how good my ranking was, even when most of my abilities and perks are still locked!

    • yes it does. i prefer it for defense; every time after your 3rd respawn, you’ll still have your abilities ready to go. it’s pretty useful if you haven’t unlocked fast getaway yet.

  5. I’ve decided to wait until the next AC comes out for me to buy, since I believe it’s kinda late to start now. I think. Is it? When does the the new AC come out? If it’s more than a year away, I might just decide to buy this one for the multiplayer…

    • it is more than a year away plus you need the story of 2 and 3 if you want to understand 4. 1 doesn’t really matter as it was a starting branch. Number 1 does help to fully understand the story but it is NOT needed.

      • reply if you know what the apple of eden is and if you know the name of the person that died.

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