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  1. While many of these are true, I feel I should defend Marvel, as I feel it’s catching far too much flak.

    MvC3 has non color-swap costume choices. They are DLC, but so are the ones purported to only exist in SSF4, as this list seems to believe.

    People still whine about the roster? The cast is varied both in physical appearance and playstyle. If you think characters such as Amaterasu and MODOK are not good if not creative fighting game characters you need to take off the srs pants.

    • It’s just a little sarcastic, but I don’t see the new additions adding much to the gameplay of SF4. Some reports from Japan are placing the twins pretty close to the top of the tier lists, though that’s always subject to change.

      I’m more disappointed that, given the breadth of options available, Capcom chose:
      -Two characters that are twins
      -4 characters that are direct input characters (i.e. no charge or grapple characters, who are already in the vast minority)
      -4 male characters
      -2 characters that are basically more “evil” versions of existing characters

      It’s just kind of lame, compared to some of the options available to them.

  2. The reason is as simple as multiple dev teams, lead by different producers, designers, and directors, spread all over the world. Not to mention the possibility of outsourcing (see: Nintendo)

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