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The more awesome something is, the more fun it is to destroy it.

This weekend was when the really nice chaps at QubeTubers decided to run their 48 hour Minecraft Marathon for Child’s Play and, for those of you who weren’t there, you missed a most glorious event. I’m currently working on getting the video recording of the event sorted out (I was assured that there was at least one person recording and was able to hold off the urge to burn explode things until then) so keep on watching this space to see the new and improved destruction of a Golden Wrench!

Why new and improved? None of this pansy-ass clicking ‘Delete’ destroying, we rigged that bitch with TNT and set it on fire. Twice.*

Like I said not two sentences ago, I am working on tracking down a video so soon, my friends, you too will see the glorious destruction of the wrench.

Shifting to the charity side of things, I never cease to be amazed by how people club together. On the one hand, I seem to lose a little bit more faith in humanity when dealing with gamers every day and I often wonder if their behaviour online is the same in the real world with many a feeling of dread in my chest. On the other hand, QubeTubers have raised $30,924.92 and they’re still receiving donations.

  • Faith in humanity: Restored
  • Eyes: Welling up
  • Serious face: On

To everyone who donated, thank you very, very much. The impact that you’ll be having on the lives of the children who will benefit from this is astronomical and, as someone who has to go to hospital a lot, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. Staying in hospital both sucks and blows but, thanks to your donations, some very ill, bored and grumpy kiddies can blow off some steam and relax by playing video games. Once again, thank you.

*Huge thanks to whoever rigged the inside of the wrench without telling me, the resulting comedy was… golden

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  1. Ahhh man, I missed it due to having to sort out a few things for uni and at home… oh well, i’ll be looking forward to the footage when you get hold of it wing ^^

    That didn’t stop me from donating *hit pose* Golden Charity group FOREVER NIGS!!! PEACE!

    *strolls out*

    On a serious note, it’s good to see and show that the gamer community can be brought toguether and work for something wonderfull such as this. I’m glad to be part of that community… at least that side of it.

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