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Somehow, against all odds, Top Tier Tactics has survived an entire year. It doesn’t sound impressive, but from what I’ve seen, blogging is one of the most commonly started and, subsequently, most commonly dropped hobbies. I’m not sure if it’s the money, the fame, or the terabytes of personal data I’ve harvested from my readers’ computers, but Top Tier Tactics has never been anything but a joy to maintain. I can only hope that on your end, it has been not only a fun quasi-literary pursuit, but also a great venue for discussion of gaming balance, full life consequences, and of course, prizes.

I know a large amount of the site’s continuation has been due to chance. I’ve been lucky enough to garner a small following on YouTube, to have had a few articles gain traction in various gaming communities, and that whole thing where I got a golden wrench and destroyed it.

Of course, what keeps me motivated isn’t the hope that blind luck will continue to fall upon me,* but the feedback and enthusiasm from Top Tier Tactics’ readers. I know I haven’t been able to provide the level of community some of you would hope for, but going into the site’s second year, I’d love to get everyone engaged, playing together, and sending me hundreds of dollars active in new opportunities for fun.

Binerexis and I are currently working on a community Team Fortress 2 play date, though the toughest part by far will be procuring a server. If you happen to have one or know someone who won’t notice if you steal it, please let us know!

That said, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone reading for checking out the site, writing your social security number in a plain text file on your desktop, and disabling your anti-malware firewall. Let’s hope the next twelve months are as fun as the last twelve!

*Though I won’t hesitate to accept any that happens my way.

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  1. *Achievement Unlocked* : Make a blog that will last 1 year
    You have been awarded additional TIME :P

    Anyways, nice, will look forward to this. Never got to take part in the mini raffle BECAUSE I COULD NOT FIND IT, but well, after being cheated three times, I got myself some hats by selling my v. luger. I was also expecting a comment about how you blow a virtual candle on a cake and eat it all by yourself. I now suspect that Binerexis will post a comment of him doing just that. Anyways, TF2 just updated… see you there.

  2. Damn… Early release of Portal 2, TTT turns one year old, last day of lectures at university…

    Seems everything’s comin’ up Milhouse.

    That said, great job thus far! This site certainly provides me with that spark of life that I’m missing some days, and I really enjoy reading all the articles, watching all the spy videos, and [st]trolling[/st] discussing in the comments.

    Cheers; here’s to many more!

    I’ve been watching you for a while, but I did contemplate closing the trade window when you started those terrible assassins creed videos, by terrible I mean quality. Not quality of the content, how the video looked like.

    Oh, and wing. New spy knife. No new spy lesson. Get on that.

  4. From the first clumsy blog post to the last chapter of an epic, Top Tier Tactics has been full of joy, tears, knives, and people who choose to spread their WINGs and fly.

    Kudoes to the writers, the masterminds, the readers, and the man who started this all by deciding that an industrial tool of gold wasn’t good enough for him.



  5. Congrats T3! Without the tactics and the ACB videos, I would’ve never been properly trained in the art of humiliation.

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