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You can't deny this face, can you?

So, we’ve started a Top Tier Tactics Twitter account, as you can probably tell from the FOLLOW US ON TWITTER OR SUFFER! sign on the right of the page. I just want to step up here and say why. First, we know that all of you are wonderful people whose time is precious and opinions important.*

However, we also know that you cannot possibly live without your daily dose of Top Tier Tactics, Tips and Titillating Talk. For this reason, we’re limiting ourselves to 140 characters for all eternity from here on out. And because we can update you on when new posts go up.

But mostly because we like the challenge.

So follow us on the Twitter zone at TopTierTactics and stay updated on when we feel like hopping on a game. I think this might be a good way to engage with our readers about the stuff they read about: games. I first met WiNG, believe it or not, in a random Badwater server back in the Life in a Game days. I later found him on YouTube and only then realized I met a super celebrity Spy. I think it’d be fun to announce when we’re in game and in what server (or if we’re on Live or PSN, whenever that comes back online).

Regardless, follow us on Twitter or face the wrath of WiNPANTS!

*Top Tier Tactics does not explicitly or implicitly endorse the opinions of our readers. ~WiNG

8 replies to this post
  1. That kitty looks kinda evil to me. It looks like it’s planning something.

    Psn will be back on this week, so they say. XD

  2. FUUU
    140 characters?!?
    I demand MOAR!
    MOAR I SAY. I need my daily dose of T3, in 141 characters a day, or I’ll wither away and die. Then you’ll lose a loyal fan. MOAR.

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