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If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Top Tier Tactics recently turned one year old. That’s over 365 days of uninformed rants, low-level strategy, and misdirected sarcasm! To celebrate, we’d like to join some of the community* in Team Fortress 2. It’s the game most closely associated with the site, and what better way to get to know the fans than to be repeatedly dominated by them in a series of violent acts?

Thanks to the generosity of Stabby Stabby and his magnanimous gaming community, we’ll be playing on at Top Notch Clan server on Saturday May 7th from 1:00pm EST until we get kicked out!

You can expect to play with me, Xiant, Rabid Ferret, and Stabby Stabby (and if you ask nicely enough, Binerexis and Space Hamlet)** as we battle for capture points, bomb carts, and a few fun TF2 prizes.

The games will be password protected, so if you want to join in on the fun, leave a comment on this post.

Assuming you’ve properly left your e-mail address in your comment registration, we’ll send you the server IP address and password so you can hop online and participate in the carnage!

UPDATE: Hey guys it’s two and a half hours out and I still don’t have final confirmation from TNC! Don’t panic yet (that’s my job) but I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

UPDATE 2: Stabby missed the 1PM starting time so we moved everything into the Steam T3 group chat room. I e-mailed everyone who commented with a few updates but after the third update it became pretty hard to keep things posted. We had to play on random servers but after playing for four hours everyone was pretty beat. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

*All twenty-four of you!
**I have also begged Serge to install TF2 on his ancient PC and run it in low-res Minecraft mode.

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    • Just as a clarification, I’ll be sending the IP and password most likely on Friday night or Saturday morning to ensure that A) they’re accurate and B) they don’t get spread around randomly too far in advanced of the game

  1. I may have been a total jerk and forgotten about the stream again (dammit dag-nabbit!) but how can I forget to play TF2? I’ll be a little late due to school stuff (ON A SATURDAY), but I can be there. :)

  2. Ello again. It apears that, through my luck (curse you, spy law of reverse-luck!) This is occuring on the one in a million day that I WOLNT be staring at a computer screen capable of running TF2, so remember that I will be with you (and backstabing your heavies, medics, snipers, soldiers, demomen, pyro’s, Engineers, and family members) in spirit.

    (also, I started watching Life in a Game, and, well, I have to say this: WiNG just won the game. forever.

  3. Aye. I want in. Saturday be my birthday! <3

    And an add from WINGSPANTT would be nice.
    Email just in case, king923923@gmail.com
    I'll see you there t3 crew. I shall demospam y'all. So what time would it be in PST? pacific standard time.

  4. Oi, oi’d loike tah joine een!

    I actually would =]

    It would be awesome to meet great people, feel the Team Fortress Spirit, and celebrate the insanity that is our electronic home-away-from-sanity, Top. Tier. Tactics.


  5. Happy anniversary Wing, i watched your vids from the first spy tips to the last and your humor always had me smiling, congrats!

  6. Gratz on your one-year anniversary! Probably won’t be able to join you all, but have fun backstabbing each other. Maybe next year!

    That means you guys have to stick around another year. Keep up the amusing/sarcastic/semi-informed tirades please!

  7. Dammit, that’s the last day I have to pack my stuff and leave the dorm, and I’m not convinced my home internet can hold TF2 reliably.

    At least one of you guys should record your Spy goings-on and put it on Youtube.

  8. Indeed i would like to play….
    Im sure wing would love to get revenge on me for making him do the ‘Pure Assaissin’ match :P

  9. darn, all these people signing up really makes me feel left out, and JUST after I went to the work of getting a sticky jumper! the lulz that would have been had if I had been there!

  10. We will have Fists made of Steel vs. GRU vs. KGB vs. Sandvich fights, and Ambassador sniping contests (STABBY CAN”T COMPETE!) and Bonk/Crit-a-Cola primary battles.

    Fun times will be had by all. Except WiNG. He will suffer.

  11. Oooohhhhh…. that means I’ve had a whole year of lurking too!

    I’d love to be there, sign me up! Just don’t expect any skill XD

  12. Looks like this server will be full easily, and might be hard to get in. I’ll come play if theres a spot, but I hope no too many people pick spy.

  13. If there is a space remaining, i’ll throw myself into the battle if room permits. I main spy as well though I don’t know if I could stand up to Stabby as I am, but I wouldn’t mind the chance to try!

    If room permits, i’ll fight for honor…..and my amusement!!!

  14. Hey y’all. Won’t miss a chance to join Bin again and fight against WiNG (or the other way around). See who’s the best spah. Oh, and I have some rage saved up (I was gonna format my comp to remove some rubbish like illegal data interchange software (malware, hackware, spyware) that send me floods of info from WiNG’s PC to mine… Heh Heh…

    Seriously though, looking forward to it, and I hope it’s on time and well, last time it took a century to start.

    The spy behind you (overkill x.x)

  15. Omg sorry, I just noticed my e-mail was slightly wrong :(. Can you send again the IP and pass PLEASE?

    • Hey Fang we finished it around 4 PM. I did email everyone as many updates as I could but essentially what happened was that Stabby overslept. We didn’t have a server so I asked everyone to join the T3 chat room instead and we coordinated games in random servers from there. I did send a few emails and a Steam group post to everyone who commented. We hit some snags but we did get to play for a few hours.

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