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Here at Top Tier Tactics, we take some things super seriously, like fighting game tournaments and your emotions.

But up until now, we haven’t done nearly enough to interact with you, the reader, and we’d like to change that. Well, technically Serge and Xiant want to change it, and I couldn’t really give a shit… but I guess for the sake of not looking like a sociopath, I’m going to comply.

To that end, we’ve created the all new Top Tier Tactics events calendar, where you can check out upcoming opportunities to watch and chat with our live stream, play with us on Steam or other services, and more. Right now, we have Serge’s weekly Sunday stream scheduled (this week it’s Spelunky), but we’ll be adding more as time goes on, hopefully with your input. What kind of events do you want to see?

We hope you can watch Serge’s Stream tonight and every Sunday, and we’re gearing up for more fun. Begrudgingly, Personally, I’d like to do something like “TF Tuesdays” to play with the Top Tier Tactics community on Tuesday nights, or perhaps every other Tuesday night… whatever works. Let us know, and we hope to see you in chat, in game, and enthusiastic about our mediocre gaming skills!

You can access the events calendar at any time in the top navigation bar under Livestream & Events.

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  1. Suggestions: More Assassin’s Creed would be nice. That and your guy’s reviews on new releases like Portal 2 and whatever the hell comes out during the summer.

  2. It’s a shame I can’t watch S3 (Serge’s Sunday Streams) beacause 08:00pm New Jerseyan time equals to FUCKING 02:00am in Krautland.

  3. I have culminating projects due all of this week..and the next week..and the week after that.

    Be with you in spirit =]

    Yes, even for WiNG..


  4. I’d love to see some more Assassin’s Creed Livestreams – maybe get a private lobby going for some Wanted or Manhunt games between viewers!

      • Not sure on that – I think you have to be friends first, or already part of an Xbox “party” before creating a private match. Probably a bit of a pain to get started, and once I’m your friend, I start coming over to your place unannounced, raiding your fridge, etc. etc., downhill spiral.

    • That sounds really awesome.

      …for the people who play it on Xbox. >_>

      I’d be perfectly cool watching any AC streams though!

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