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If you’ve never heard of Evil Daedalus before, I won’t blame you. To you, he’s just another screen name. To me, he’s a Team Fortress 2 deity somewhere just below Artemis. One of the best ( if not the original) “pro” TF2 Spies, ED has been stairstabbing idiots since before you knew what stairstabs were. Hell, you probably still don’t know. And that’s exactly how he fucking gets you.

That said, Mr. Daedalus is also fond of a game I’ve also taken a liking to: Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Also known as “What the hell? How did I just die: 2” I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. After all, if you don’t know how you came to meet your maker, odds are that a crafty guy like ED was behind your demise. And he was laughing all the way to the bank.

The death bank.

A note: I am working on a series of guides for Battlefield Bad Company 2. If you’ve got suggestions or FAQs, throw them my way. I’d like to at some point make a special mention for the many, many tactical implementations of the oft-neglected smoke grenades. These babies don’t net many direct kills (though they can kill on impact), but gee-whiz do they cause enough of a clusterfuck to let you pretty much open a can of mass distraction on anyone dumb enough to wander into the haze of doom.

Case in point: enjoy this special orchestration of chaos from the Master of Mayhem himself:

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