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If you win this contest, we'll be so glad to see you there and not pissed AT ALL.

As you know, Top Tier Tactics is headed to E3 this year to take a gander at the latest and greatest offerings from the world of electronic entertainment. And while we toiled for over year to produce the traffic and number of articles necessary to qualify for this lovely privilege, you now have the opportunity to join us in Los Angeles without doing any of that. It is so fair it makes my head want to explode into smiles and rainbows!

What is the catch? Our corporate overlords at T-Mobile want you to record a 15-second video in which you explain why you’re the best gamer on Earth, or something like that. Then, their totally unbiased judges will choose the hottest girl that enters the best video and send its subject to the E3 event!

If you’re not an attractive female but still want to enter the contest, you can do so by signing away your privacy to Mark Zuckerberg and reading the full T-Mobile E3 contest details on Facebook. Then just submit your video, pray, and win!*

*While prayer is not explicitly required for a winning entry, T Mobile reserves the right to refuse entries by atheists, pagans, and Catholics.

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  1. Due to the fluctuating nature of my job (i.e. I work when someone else can’t), I can’t participate. Plus, this is time that cuts into my Terraria sessions.

  2. If VALVe isn’t going to E3, what’s the point? XD

    I would love to go, but getting to California is the hard part.

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