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Here at Top Tier Tactics, we are always on the lookout for new ways to scam you for pageviews deliver the best content possible. Reading our incoherent ramblings is certainly one way of contact, but our angelic voices are a more intimate way to converse about video games. To that end, we wondered if a podcast would be a viable way to bring you a little closer to us.

We call it the Top Tier Talkcast, and we hope to bring it to you as often as you’ll listen, assuming all our completely empty schedules manage to meet up. This week’s inaugural episode features WiNGSPANTT, Rabid Ferret, Serge and Space Hamlet.* In other words, it is awesome.

Listen to Top Tier Talkcast #001

Episode overview

First, we discuss our most popular article to date: The Real Reason eSports Can’t Go Mainstream. If you listen carefully, you’ll learn a behind-the-scenes secret about how T3 works, as well. But you didn’t necessarily come here to talk about technology; you came for games, which they eventually get around to. From Brink to Terraria, to L.A. Noire and more, we have our genres covered, people. The fact that Team Fortress 2 never came up in the conversation boggles my mind, but I guess we’ll all have to learn to deal, won’t we?

Anywho, listen to the Top Tier Talkcast linked here, and if you like it, on iTunes at some point. Put a comment below on what you thought and if you want to see more of it. Heck, put down what you want us to talk about, and we might just do it. If you’re really extra special nice, we might mention your name. Or maybe everyone’s names!** Because we love you so.

*Because my house had no power at the time, I couldn’t join, and Binerexis is locked in an epic Viking battle with illness. Plus, the time zones thing makes it hard.
** This won’t happen due to something known as misanthropy ~WiNG

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  1. Off to a good start :3
    Some things you may want to improve:
    – Audio volume: Some people’s volumes got very low at some points. Use volume normalization and keep a consistent stance while talking
    – Pacing: The show lacks clearly-defined sections. This includes no intro, no clear conclusion, no transitions, just plain audio. This is quite understandable for a first episode, but more structure would make it feel a lot better, while interrupting others to move on to the next topic (Brink) is admitting defeat
    – No Team Fortress 2 D:

    Length-wise it was fine, though I’d either aim for a 30-minute limit or something, as to not discourage lesser-attention-span’d web listeners thinking “aww this will take most of the hour” as soon as something gets over 30 minutes.

    Keep it up :3

  2. Good podcast. A bit rough, but if you keep shelling them out they’ll get better I reckon. Job good.

    Suggestion: Make a table of contents or something, like in the description label “Subject: Time-Time” so people who are interested in one subject of the podcast can skip ahead to that point.

  3. I’m not usually a fan of podcasts, but that was pretty good.

    Like WindPower was saying, the audio gets pretty low at times, like you guys are turning away from the mic or something.

    Looking forward to the next one. You should publish to iTunes so we can subscribe.

  4. Serge’s computer sucks! And space hamlet has nothing clever to say. Was pretty good, <3 and wing is too conceited.

  5. How about discussing class balance in class-based shooters? I still think it’s unfair that the Demoman has melee weapons with longer range than everyone else.

    • That’s unlikely to happen as there are few class based shooters; it’ll just be talking about balance in TF2 and, no matter what’s said in it, someone will get pissy in the comments and… Well, look at SPUF.

      If you don’t like the fact that Demomen have a longer melee range than other classes with certain weapons, shoot them before they get in range. Done.

      • demomen have the longest melee range because their guns are suicide at close combat, boom question answered

      • Also because two of them lower max health, one of them lowers max speed, and one of them can’t be switched without getting a melee kill, which means they need the Chargin’ Targe to be particularly valuable, which means no Sticky Bombs.

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